With the constant bombardment of marketing messages in business, where everyone is screaming for attention, how do you rise above all that noise and stand out? You might have the attention of your prospect for only a second, during which the only thing they’re actually considering is your product packaging.

Clearly, product packaging can make or break your brand positioning. If your packaging design fails to attract and convert your target audience, they are either lost for good or you face an uphill task in convincing them to buy from you later.

But the role of printed packaging does not begin and end there.

6 Ways Product Packaging Can Increase Your Sales

Here are 6 solid reasons that justify the importance of product packaging in achieving commercial success.

1. Good Packaging Design Gets You Noticed

packaging design gets you noticed aquilegia wine rackScreenshot of unique product packaging of Aquilegia wine carrier transformed into wine rack

How often does a product catch your eye when you are walking down the aisle at a grocery store? Product packaging design is the key to standing out on shelves with hundreds of products.

If you want to turn your customer’s contemplation into a choice, packaging gives you to the opportunity to create purchase preference.

Aquilegia has done a brilliant job with its packaging design by turning the carrying case into a wine rack! What a fashionably functional concept from which to draw some inspiration.

2. Branded Packaging Enhances Brand Recognition

The role of packaging design is of utmost importance in increasing brand recall. For instance, if a successful local restaurant wants to launch its preferred salad dressing in the retail market, the packaging and the label must carry the logo and the name of the restaurant to help customers identify the brand.

While a vibrant color scheme works to garner the attention of new customers, the familiar logo and the brand name will help existing customers identify the product in an instant.

3. The Right Packaging Influences Purchase Decision

Unique and attractively designed packaging has a powerful impact when it is tied into the consumer experience. A good design that is customized to blend function and emotional appeal in one package is most likely to be a key competitive advantage.

You may have a great product with amazing features but if the packaging isn’t on par with the quality and function of the product, then the product is less likely to make it to the shopping cart. Your product’s packaging should be as influential in the purchase decision as the product itself.

4. Custom Packaging Educates the Consumer

The role of packaging is not restricted to attracting new customers with a compelling marketing message. It also educates the customer about the product like the features, usage instructions, or nutritional information. All of these details help the customer quickly make a purchase decision.

5. Unique Packaging Increases the Value of the Product

redesigned product packaging visual marketing

Whether it is Target’s red circles or Tiffany’s blue box, the product packaging is just as memorable as the product itself. However, the role of print marketing through packaging should not be restricted to creating the wow factor. It should also focus on emotional engagement and ease of use.

A package that is easy-to-open, visually appealing, compact, eco-friendly, functional and also easy to store, is sure to raise the perceived value of the product in the eyes of the customer.

6. A Sturdy Product Box Ensures Safety During Transportation

The function of the packaging is just as important as its appearance. To protect the product from damage from the time it is dispatched till the time it is delivered, the packaging design must be as sturdy as it is stylish. In simple terms, whether your product packing material is made from paper, plastic, or metal, the design must strike a perfect balance between form and function to make a profitable impact.

Our guest author Abhijeet Shah is the head of digital marketing for Packing Supply, a leading name in the packing supply industry. He believes that it’s not only what’s on the inside that matters, but how products are packaged is just as important.

He loves traveling and is often tempted to buy products that he comes across with unique packaging from all over the world, which he then adds to his ever-expanding collection of “bags and boxes”.

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