237 Restaurant Marketing and Promotion Ideas That Work

The name of the book says it all—237 Restaurant Marketing and Promotion Ideas That Work. We’ve collected 237 promotional and marketing ideas you can use within the four walls of your restaurant.

Many of them can be implemented today.

Here’s a small sampling of what’s included:

✅ 14 ways to turn charitable donation requests into money-making ventures for you and the charity—without spending any cash or doing any advertising. [p 33]

✅ If you hold banquets, here’s one technique you’ve probably never thought of. It can grow your customer list by thousands each year. [p 55]

✅ How to have a million-dollar contest without having a million dollars. [p 61]

✅ An incredibly simple way to get taxi drivers to recommend your restaurant over every other restaurant in town. [p 73]

✅ How to get people flocking to you after movies, the theater, or any other local event. (p 62)

✅ How to get celebrity endorsements—for free or for very little money. [p 25]

✅ Specials—how to make menu specials both profitable and promotional without the need for discounting. [p 28]

✅ How to get noticed if your restaurant is hidden away behind a strip mall or other secluded location. [p 22]
24 ways to use printed materials to increase sales. [p 41]

✅ The biggest retailer of toys in the world is a restaurant chain. Their use of toys changed restaurant marketing forever and it could help you, too. [p 52]

✅ 11 promotional ideas to attract the high-profit B2B (Business to Business) segment of your community. [p 71]
Holiday promotions for holidays you never heard of. [ p 82]

✅ One forgotten tactic that instantly boosts high-profit drink and dessert orders. [p 13]

237 Restaurant Marketing and Promotion Ideas that Work
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Restaurant marketing is a moving target. With very few exceptions, what’s effective one month may be less so the following month.

That’s why it pays to keep a big pot of marketing ideas simmering. When you have many marketing techniques and sales ideas working for you, your business is more stable. You’re not susceptible to downswings in revenue should one or two of your tactics lose their punch.

The purpose of this book is to get you more customers on a regular basis. There are two ways to use these 87 pages of ideas to help you get the kind of income and stability you want:

1. Pick one idea from the book and implement it. Commit to implementing one idea per month, or per week. If you implement one idea a week, you’ll have 52 new marketing ideas working for your restaurant by the end of year one.

2. Use it as a brainstorming resource. Ask your key staff members to each take one idea and brainstorm it ten different ways. There is no right or wrong. If you have twenty people do that, you now have 200 ideas related to one topic. Or have them go through the book and pick out ten ideas they like, customized for your restaurant.

Sure, some will overlap, but you now have an idea-generating machine at work. There is bound to be one good one in the mix.
You’re busy running your restaurant so time is precious. This time-saving resource adds stability to your business and increase revenue and profit.

Every idea in this book has been tested and proven in the real world. They’ve come to us from experienced restaurateurs and consultants from around the world, both inside and outside the industry.

Of course, not every idea is for every restaurant. Yet there is indeed something profitable here for everyone, including you. Your restaurant can easily profit when you implement at least one or more of these proven tactics. We know because we’ve seen these ideas at work in the real world.

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In addition, if you implement these ideas and don’t earn at least 100 times your investment in 90 days or less, we’ll promptly and courteously refund your $7 purchase price. Yes, we promise you 100 times return on your investment or your money back.

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