Do you want to make video marketing work for your small business, but aren’t that keen to appear on camera? One type of video in particular, is the perfect video for camera shy entrepreneurs.

In the video here, I demonstrate how to make a marketing video that represents you and your company, without having to appear on camera, without looking unprofessional or amateurish, and without having to hire a pricey professional video crew.

Animated explainer videos use animated graphics and kinetic typography to demonstrate a concept, product or service. They are not “talking head” videos with a live person speaking on camera.

Below, some details on why animated explainers are important for small companies, and why they’re the perfect video for introverts.

Why is animated explainer video content so effective and popular?

First, video content automatically engages the brain at an instinctual level. We’re extra sensitive to motion and changing colors because our subconscious, automatic responses are all about survival.

These deeply rooted reactions capture attention quickly and tends to keep it throughout the video.

Second, animated videos evoke happy childhood memories of cartoons.

Third, the most complex technology or process is typically much easier to illustrate and present in graphic, visual fashion than it is in text. It’s the “picture is worth a thousand words” concept at work.

Fourth, your existing visual content is easy to transfer to video. Graphics convert perfectly to an animated video format, so you don’t have to start creating new content from scratch. This makes video budget-friendly.

What’s different about our animated video content?

We use 17-Point Video Optimization Checklist to ensure that your videos show up high in search results.

It starts with strategy. Then includes purpose-driven scripting, captions and other behind-the-scenes details.

The end result? You get an animated video explainer that shows up when and where your customers are looking.

How to get started with animated video content.

Go here to answer a few questions about your video project and your business.

This gives me a feel for what your business is like, and what your project is all about. Then we’ll set up a time to talk. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, animated explainer videos are an effective media.