Fast Cash Strategies for Small Business

There are times in the life of every small business when cash is tight. This course reveals simple techniques for finding the serious money that could be hiding away in your business.

Do any of these things describe you and your business right now?

  • You’re having a cash flow problem, but you don’t know why or how it happened.
  • You know why you have a cash flow problem, but it’s beyond your control.
  • You don’t know about the 4 tech solutions that can instantly boost your cash flow.
  • You wonder if your pricing is too low.
  • You fall prey to the common mindset that subconsciously keeps your prices dangerously low and sabotages your long-term business results.

As a result of your cash flow problems, are you:

  • Spending too much time at work and not enough time with family and friends, just to make up for cash shortfalls?
  • Anxiety-ridden and sleepless with worry over your inability to pay bills?
  • Getting everything you DON’T want from owning your own business?
  • Feeling like business has become a grind, not the salvation you had hoped for?
  • Feeling like you’re in a never-ending, losing race to the bottom, with competitors who constantly undercut you?

Only the very rare business DOESN’T experience intermittent cash flow problems because of a decline in sales. This is pretty much a given with running any business.

As I was creating this course, the coronavirus pandemic was still raging, landing a severe financial blow to many businesses.

But sometimes you experience a downturn when you haven’t planned your cash flow sufficiently, or an unexpected expense pops up.

It’s happened to me too.

Over the years in my various businesses, I was faced with cash flow problems. I had to ask myself, “Should I take out a loan to get me over this hump, or can I quickly get my hands on money some other way?”

Whatever the cause of your downturn, you need systematic ways to bring in cash to your business — and do it fast.

What if you could do a little internal investigative work, and come up with some serious money hiding in your business right now?

That’s why I created Fast Cash Sales Strategies for Small Business.

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Here’s What My Fast Cash Sales Strategies Course Will Do for You and Your Business

fast cash sales strategies small business

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

Confidently implement proven strategies to generate income quickly when needed.

Plan ways to soften the blow during those times of year when your sales traditionally decrease.

Entice people to buy something immediately with time-sensitive offers, so that you will generate instant income when you need it.

Uncover new opportunities by connecting with existing and past customers who already know you, your business and the way you operate.

Motivate your hot leads to buy right now by creating valuable offers.

Quickly create new and exciting offers by re-purposing existing products and services.

Increase revenue and provide customers more choices when paying by revising your pricing and payment options.

Seamlessly increase revenue without additional marketing by building additional relevant offers into your buying process.

Leverage your current business partnerships to bring in even more fast cash without spending more money on marketing.

Review your current spending to be sure you’re not paying for things you don’t use or need.

Free up cash by finding ways to reduce ongoing costs.

Capture income owed to you by invoicing customers on time and making sure they pay those invoices when due.

Achieve the goals you set for this course by consolidating and implementing what you’ve learned, and planning future action steps, without hiring a CPA or bookkeeper to figure it out.

5 BIG Quick Cash Tips from ‘Fast Cash Sales Strategies for Small Business’

To give you a taste of what you can expect in the course, here are 3 immediate cost cuts that can have a huge impact on your business:

  1. Cancel paid subscriptions for tools you’re not using
  2. Cancel memberships you’re not participating in or getting value from
  3. Cancel any services you pay for but don’t take advantage of

Here are 2 high-impact revenue generators that work in any business:

  1. Create a VIP Offer for your best clients.
    Top clients are willing to spend FAR more than most business owners would dare to believe. We go into more detail about how to craft various VIP offers in the course.
  2. Add Upsells to your shopping cart.
    Review your sales data and select top-sellers or those with the best reviews. Add these as upsells and suggested products in relevant product categories. Most ecommerce platforms let you set this up to run automatically. For example, when Product A is added to a shopper’s cart, Product B can be offered as an upsell.

These 5 tips alone could generate thousands of dollars in just your first year.

You’ll find dozens more sales growth strategies and cost-cutting strategies in the course, including step-by-step details on how to design them for fastest results.

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering in Each Module

The actual coursework includes:

Module 1 – Why You Need Fast Cash

What do you think is easier…trying to raise cash in reaction to a problem, or having a strategy in place to instantly deal with that problem?

By identifying reasons why you might need a boost in revenue, you can plan for it and manage it in advance. This way, YOU run the business instead of the business running  you.

Module 2 – Quick Revenue Strategies

  • Time-Sensitive Offers
  • Follow-Up with Existing and Past Customers
  • Valuable Offers for Hot Leads
  • New Offers from Existing Ones
  • New Payment and Pricing Options
  • Upsells, Cross-Sells, and Down-Sells
  • Special Offers via Current Partners and Affiliates

Module 3 – Tactics to Free Up Cash and Save

  • Immediate Cost Cuts
  • Creative Ways to Reduce Spending
  • Collect What You’re Owed (How to Get Really Good at This)

Module 4 – Review and Refine

The final module gives you all the tactics you need to bring in instant cash and increase savings in your business. You’ll review all your work and make sure you’ve done everything possible so you can take further action.

To make it as easy as possible to get your hands on hidden cash fast, here’s EXACTLY what comes with your purchase:

  • 64-page Coursebook jam-packed with dozens of quick-action tips to infuse cash into your business
  • 37-page Action Guide, a workbook that guides you step-by-step through each fast-cash tactic
  • Checklist to keep you organized so you don’t let any cash slip through your fingers
  • Spreadsheet Planner formatted to help you document and organize your cash strategies through the year before you’re caught by surprise
  • An Overview Infographic that gives you a bird’s-eye view of the course on a single page

All of our course content is delivered through our membership site. Once you make the purchase, you get a welcome email with login information to get lifetime access to all components of the course.

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Meet Your Instructor

Andre Palko Fast Cash Sales StrategiesAndre Palko is founder of the Small Business Rainmaker™ and its free weekly e-newsletter that focus on helping small business owners go from “I’m just getting by” to “I love my business and the life it’s given me!”, by working smart, de-stressing, and getting more free time.

He’s also co-creator of the award-winning CareerBrandVideos™ project.

He’s devoted to sharing the growth tactics that helped his previous business make it to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in North America.

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First, if within the first 30 days of purchase you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason or for no reason whatsoever, we’ll give you a full, prompt, and courteous refund. Simply reply to your welcome email with your request.

Second, if after using the course for one full year, you haven’t earned 50 times your investment back, we’ll give you a full, prompt and courteous refund. Simply send us a copy of your completed Action Guide to show us you at least tried to put our recommendations into action.

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