17 Hidden Secrets of Business Success

If an investment in a business book was guaranteed to give you 100 times your money back, would you buy it?

I sure would. And I’ve done it many times over with one author in particular.

Bob Bly has provided me with books and products over the past 15 years that returned, and continue to return, many hundreds of times more than their purchase price. I know, that sounds like exaggeration but it’s not. And I’ll even guarantee it.

Allow me to explain. One of his classics is 17 Hidden Secrets of Business Success.

In it, you’ll discover:
•     The “MAD FU” formula for instantly qualifying any prospects … and knowing whether they’re a good fit for your business.
•    How to overcome client’s sticker shock if you sell high-priced products or services
•    How to get much higher prices than you currently command
•    12 easy tips that could double your leads…and your sales
•    What Donald Trump teaches us about direct response marketing
•    A marketing secret from the grave

“Marketing” can be a dirty word to a time-starved small business owner like yourself. Bob takes the mystery out of marketing and instead, puts practical tools at your fingertips to solve daily business problems. No marketing or business degree required.

testimonial-image-bob-bly250.pngThink for a moment. If you could use just one of these tips and double your leads and dramatically increase your sales, what would that advice be worth to you? Business consultants regularly charge $5,000 to $10,000 a day for that kind of advice. (I know a few that get a lot more than that.) A low-cost adviser might set you back $1500 to $2500. Some of the popular group coaching and mastermind groups cost from $297 to $997 a month and up.

Incredibly, this book retails for only $29. But newcomers here to the Small Business Rainmaker can get it for $17. That’s only a buck a secret! 

I can tell you from my own personal coaching experience, the value you get in this one book is equal to many days worth of coaching or meetings. I know because I’ve worked with consultants and been a member of various groups for years.

Nothing beats the value you get for every dollar you might spend than money spent on a book or product from Bob Bly.

So check it out. For the price of lunch with a friend you can’t go wrong. I’ll even guarantee it so it’s absolutely risk-free for you. Here’s how…

Simply try out some of his tips for three whole months. Use any one of them, or all of them, to boost sales and profits in your business.

If you don’t feel like you got at least 10 times your money’s worth in 60 days or less, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. All of it…and you even get to keep the book. I’m betting you get a lot more than 10 times your money worth. 100 times ROI would not be out line.

I can’t think of a fairer, or more risk-free, way to put your mind at ease.

Get your copy of Bob’s book here.

P.S. Bob also did me a big favor because we’re just getting started with our new Small Business Rainmaker magazine. As a bonus when you order today, I’ll include access to 4 additional Bob Bly books. Each of these is normally sold for $29 each, for a total of $116 in savings. You invest only $29, completely risk-free and you also get the following:

FREE Special Report #1: Entrepreneurial Retirement: How To Make $100,000 A Year Selling Simple Information Online In Your Spare Time (list price: $29)
•    10 tips for increasing landing page conversion rates.
•    Best time of day — and day of week — to send e-mail marketing messages.
•    7 steps to selling more newsletter subscriptions online.
•    Give your information products the “loose-leaf test.”
•    5 steps to building a large and profitable opt-in subscriber list.
•    Should you avoid hype in online marketing?

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secrets of business success

FREE Special Report #2: Secrets of Successful Business-to-Business Marketing (list price: $29)
•    50 lead-generating tips.
•    5 things I know for sure about marketing to engineers.
•    How to write more effective product brochures.
•    23 tips for creating B2B mailings that work.
•    10 ways to stretch your advertising budget.
•    What makes B2B different than consumer?
•    29 article ideas for your next newsletter.

FREE Special Report #3: How to Double Your Response Rates at Half the Cost
(list price: $29)
•    9 strategies for improving your outer envelope.
•    The magic of false logic.
•    Uncovering your customer’s core complex with the “BFD” formula.
•    The 3 elements of a successful USP.
•    My 10 favorite marketing books of all time.

FREE Special Report #4: Online Marketing That Works
(list price: $29)
•    10 steps to online marketing success.
•    Copywriting secrets of the search engine optimization (SEO) pros.
•    8 affordable ways to drive more traffic to your Web sites.
•    A proven way to increase landing page conversion rates.
•    27 tips for writing e-mail marketing campaigns that generate more clicks and sales.
•    How to write and publish your own e-zine.

This is an awesome deal, one of the best I will ever be able to offer, so be sure to take advantage today. It won’t last. You get 5 books from one of the best business authors in the country, each full of useful, easy-to-implement ideas.

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