It is no hidden fact that catalogs are used as marketing tools by businesses to attract new clients and boost their overall sales. Every business, big or small, stands a higher chance of increasing their sales with the help of a printed product catalog.

A product catalog is basically designed to make it easier for customers to understand what your business has to offer. Even in this digital age, printed catalogs have proven to be effective marketing tools for businesses to generate more sales. The ‘printing is dead’ debate is far from over.

Print catalogs have the potential to reach out to offline and online customers simultaneously. Additionally, catalogs are also a convenient mode to provide all your contact information to the customers. Designing a catalog is all about incorporating a sensible layout, attractive images, bold graphics, and apt descriptions.

How Printed Product Catalogs Boost Digital and Offline Marketing Results

If you are wondering how you can make the best use of a product catalog for your business, here are some important aspects that will make things clear.

Who Should You Print Your Catalog For?

One of the first things that you need to determine for your business is – how many customers will be interested in your products? It is vital to understand what your customers are interested in. If your business has too many product categories, then it is better to segregate it.

A user who is interested in sports products will most likely not be interested in accessories and jewelry. If your business has too many products, it is advised to sort it before you opt for bulk catalog printing. When customers receive catalogs based on their interest, it increases the chances of getting a new customer.

How Can a Printed Catalog Be of Use to Your Online Store?

One thing most online businesses fail to realize is that not all potential customers are available online. Moreover, we come across various online products day in and day out. Some of us end up buying these products that interest us and some of us don’t. We completely forget about them.

On the other hand, a print catalog is tactile. The touch and feel of a catalog cannot be replaced by any online experience. When customers go through the pages of a catalog at their leisure, it increases the chances of them purchasing these products from your online store.

Additionally, with catalogs you are not just dependent on online marketing for increasing sales. The role of print marketing with catalogs is one pillar of a multi-channel approach which increases the probability of attracting new customers.

Tips for Producing a Better Print Product Catalog

Below are a few pointers to consider while designing an effective catalog. These catalog production tips will add value to your customers as well as help you increase the sales for your business.

Make Sure your Catalog is Not Outdated

One of the most disappointing and frustrating experience that a customer faces is to come across a catalog that showcases products that are not available or are out of stock. Having outdated stock on your catalog can be a little misleading for your customers.

To make things easier, make sure that you are updating your catalog every few months with all the new and updated products. This way, even customers will find it easier to get an idea of all the products that they can grab from your store. Plus, it is advisable to keep products that are popular among customers in stock. Keeping your catalog and stock up to date will encourage customers to shop from you on a regular basis.

Keep Your Catalog Design Simple

A catalog design heavily relies on the layout. The layout has the potential to break or make your catalog. It is better to keep the design of your catalog functional so that customers find it convenient to go through all the pages of your product catalog.

Too many images or typefaces can cause stress to the eyes and customers are sure to lose interest. This can cause you to miss out on potential sales.

On the other hand, maintaining a simple yet aesthetic design with attractive images and font will keep the customer engaged. All in all, while designing a product catalog for your business, make sure that it connects with the customers.

Add Catalog Elements That Stand Out

Much like the point mentioned above, it is always better to add elements that stand out and that hold the attention of the people going through your catalog. These additional elements could be absolutely anything.

You could add a pop of color to make your page look trendy. Or you could make use of a full-page or half-page coverage just to display your highly-trending products. Your catalog should be capable of catching the eye.

When customers go through your catalog with a lot of interest and sensory engagement, it increases the chances of them shopping from your online or offline store. Plus, designing a catalog that stands out is also a great way to enhance brand awareness.

Placement and Planning is Key

The placement order for your catalog plays a crucial role when it comes to boosting the sales for your business. There is a high possibility that customers might not find time to go through every page of your catalog.

It is primarily the first few pages that are scanned through. It is important to display all your best sellers on the first few pages of your catalog. This increases the chances of making sales. Displaying your products in the last few pages of a catalog decreases the chances of customers stumbling upon them. The goal is to ensure that your best sellers are highly visible to the customers.

Add Proper Product Information

The entire purpose of catalog printing is to increase the sales for your business. This process depends heavily on the product information and description.

The description describes the benefits and uses of a particular product. Likewise, the product information gives customers answers to all the questions that they might have about a product.

Usually, product information mainly consists of details such as product name, product number, product price, color variants, and much more. Make sure to add the proper description and information for every product on your catalog.

Final Thoughts on Print Catalogs

A properly planned and well-designed printed catalog can be significant driver of sales for your offline and ecommerce stores. Design with your ideal customer in mind. Take time to organize your products. Add visual elements to stand out and answer customer questions in your product descriptions.


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