Chiropractors, use this customized chiropractor promo video video to make it easy for local customers to find you online. A recent statistic from Forrester Research group says, “video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine.”

How Your Chiropractic Business Benefits from an Intro Video

The right videos can get your practice listed on page 1 of search results pages and on YouTube faster than text-based content marketing, often in a matter of hours.

If your company has a Google My Business page, video is a natural way generate more traffic and keep you high in the local search results.

Videos build instant credibility by showing you’re serious about your customers.

Animated videos also get attention.

Your chiropractic business can get started today with customized templates without having to hire a video production company.

Purchase Options for Your Chiropractor Promo Video

Get this customized video in one of 3 ways:

1 – Order your chiropractor promotional video in color as shown above with your contact information added at the end of the clip. If you like, we’ll also include your logo in the lower right or left corner. $97.

2 – Order a Black and White version of the video above, as shown in the screenshot below, for the same price.

3 – Get both versions, 1 colorized and 1 black-and-white. Add $29

chiropractor promo video

How it Works

Click the button below to order.

Select additional video options, if any, and complete your purchase.

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Check your email for order confirmation. Allow 3-4 business days after your submission of contact info and logo to receive your finished video.

Note: the demo video on this page is a medium resolution for the web. Your final video will be in HD 1920 x 1080 format suitable for big screens and any device. You’ll get a link to download your custom video.

More Questions About Doing a Chiropractor Promo Video?

Check out the Video Templates FAQ page.

Want to produce a chiropractic promotional video that’s a little different?

Send me details about what you want using the Contact Us form. We do all kinds of promotional and educational videos for professional practices.