Small business marketing has certainly changed over the years. And to be perfectly honest, it will continue to change and evolve as time progresses. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen over the course of the past several years has been in the prevalence of video marketing for SEO among marketers and small business owners.

Video marketing has gone from the occasional video blog post to being a fundamental part of SEO. As consumers are fed more and more relevant and engaging information, they’re also relying on video for its capabilities.

Essentially, video marketing delivers bite-sized pieces of information to consumers that solve their queries quickly and enjoyably.

What Video Marketing Can Do for Your SEO Strategy

Now let’s take a look at video marketing and what it can do for SEO.

Enhances the User Experience (UX)

Embedding a video on a landing page of a website will greatly enhance UX. In addition to improving user experience, video marketing efforts will also lead to increased site engagement and generate traffic and backlinks.

Consumers are naturally attracted to video blurbs and presentation. Consumers also absorb video more readily and easily than simply using text and images on a website.

Embedded videos on the pages of a website will naturally improve a site’s search engine ranking. Important metrics such as dwell time and bounce rates are consequentially affected in a positive way. With video usage on a website, we can see bounce rates decrease significantly. Dwell time on a website will also increase as a web visitor’s interest peaks with the use of video.

What does this say about using this important marketing tool and technique? Visitors really respond to video marketing. The demonstrated enhancement of user experience improves the SEO of a website.

Increases Conversion Rates

Using video to enhance a website’s performance will also increase conversion rates. Web visitors are up to 85% more likely to buy after having watched a product video, or any video embedded on a website for that matter. This is a huge deal, and more and more businesses are taking advantage of this fact.

Not only are consumers more likely to purchase after watching a video, but they are also more likely to stay on a website for a longer period of time. For this reason, including how-to videos and quality instructional videos to blog posts and web pages can be a very important and effective way to enhance SEO and increase website conversion.

Builds Organic Backlinks

Using video is a great way to acquire quality backlinks to your website. People like linking to valuable, high quality content. Embedding video into a site is a great way to amp up the value of the content on your webpage. Of course, this is all provided that the video is created in a way that is effective and professional.

As SEO has progressed, most agencies should know that quality has proven to be much more important than the quantity of backlinks a website has. Creating a quality how-to video to explain an aspect of a product or service can prove to be very beneficial. In effect, doing so will lead to more engagement and more organic backlinks as well.

Generates Website Traffic

Video marketing is a great way to increase your reach. In essence, implementing a video strategy into your SEO campaign can generate real organic traffic to your website.

As consumers are beginning to gravitate more towards YouTube than any other search engine, these facts make complete sense and speak to the future of SEO. So enhancing the experience of your website with a video post will serve to generate the traffic that will help to rank your website.


Video marketing is a crucial part of your long-term SEO strategy. Using video to enhance UX, decrease bounce rates, and generate real traffic and organic backlinks is just a small part of why it’s so successful.

Creating quality videos with micro content is essential. Videos that are well produced, engaging, and solve your visitor’s problems are key factors to using video marketing in an effective way. There are many different programs you can use to implement this strategy in a way that works.

The future of video marketing is one that will not fade any time soon. Increased personalization in the way businesses use video as part of their digital marketing strategy is something we are seeing more and more often.

In addition to this, more unique forms of video marketing will continue to evolve. Using video as an essential part of your SEO strategy is a very smart move to help your business thrive and grow.

Liz-Roncevic200Liz Roncevic is the founder of NJ based SEO agency Bizmap LLC. Bizmap LLC services businesses all over the world by improving their online presence through search engine optimization. You can find her on Twitter @NJBizmapLLC.

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