Outrank Local Competition – the ‘Visual Code’ for Local Business

How are local businesses and professional practices showing up ahead of competitors without ads or waiting for long-term SEO? This short video demonstration offers an inside glimpse on how to outrank local competition in local search results.

How to Outrank Your Local Competition – a Short Demonstration

In this free webinar I’ll share with you:

✔️ The absurd amount of money local businesses leave on the table because they don’t use this ONE bullet-proof big-box retail store strategy to dominate the local market…and that makes them the customer’s first choice the moment they’re ready to buy.

✔️ Why I NEVER recommend paid ads until we’re enrolling new clients with this uncommon content that’s scientifically proven to attract clients to your business instead of your competitors…

✔️ The compelling “what I had for dinner” referral system used for years by restaurants that gets their best customers to happily recommend a steady stream of new customers and keeps them coming back to spend more month after month…that works for ANY local business. (And it uses a free tool you already have.)

✔️ 2 types of content that can make a business OWN page one search results for years.

✔️ The misguided notion peddled by SEO ‘experts’ that costs local companies thousands of website visitors.

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