In today’s competitive and overcrowded world of marketing, your business can build a long-lasting customer impression by adopting the use of video wall technology. Corporate leaders like Scripps Networks, Telstra and UFC have already installed video walls at their headquarters to engage their guests and customers.

Like many established and growing businesses, getting your brand noticed is likely a top priority. Video walls can be a great visual marketing tool to help you accomplish that.

What Is a Video Wall and How Can it Help My Business?

A video wall consists of several monitors arranged together to create an impression of one logical screen. Video walls displaying unique and colorful content are eye-catching and hardly go unnoticed by the customers.

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Here are three ways video walls can support your business goals, perhaps in ways you may have never considered.

1. Brand promotion

Any type of business can benefit from increased brand recognition and a high level of preference by its customers. An interactive video wall can help your business achieve its goals by displaying content in a more extraordinary fashion than the standard digital display. An amazing video wall should easily be able to create a good first impression to your visitors, clients and partners.

Also, although guests and employees get the most exposure, people passing by your business should be able to catch a glimpse too. This clever use of video can positively influence their personal opinion about your business moving forward. Maybe, they will be impressed and share their experience which is only beneficial to your business. Whatever your organization sells, video walls can help attract, educate, and engage your customers positively.

2. Inspire employees

Arguably the biggest impact brought by video walls is in a work environment where group work is very essential. The dazzling display feature can help improve the employees’ morale.

If your company’s beliefs revolve around innovation, demonstrating it to your employees by investing in a technology that tangibly demonstrates this can be very motivating. Employees require proof that the core business values they signed up to support are maintained and applied in practice. Just imagine what an integrated LED video wall that greets your employees every morning can do to their commitment and morale.

3. Make well informed decisions

Video walls can help you gain a lot of organizational insights by making well informed and real-time decisions. Nowadays, creating an operational center or a control room that monitors all daily operations is very easy and affordable. Video walls give you the benefit of interacting with real-time data. Therefore, managing challenges and monitoring general work performance becomes less difficult.

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For example, some corporations have network operation centers (NOC) with network administrators who continuously manage, monitor and control critical business functions. They set up a special room where servers and networking equipment are located.

Conclusion – Using Video Walls in Your Business

All in all, most small businesses should be thinking about installing this interactive video marketing technology. Previously, video walls used to be limited to only the biggest companies in the market. Nowadays, the technology is easily accessible and affordable to small and medium-sized corporations. The time has come to achieve your business goals by using this state-of-the –art technology.

Our guest author Marcus Clarke is writing on behalf of, a visual networking platform for business.

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