What is Video Marketing? Video marketing is the business use of video, in which a recording of moving visual images is made available on a website or social media, for the purpose of educating, entertaining, demonstrating, supporting, or endorsing a product or service.

Very often the easiest way to bring a concept to life is through video. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes video is needed to convey a thorough understanding. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

Nor is video marketing limited to sales pitches in video format. Although there’s a valuable place for video sales letters, video content marketing has dozens of other effective uses and benefits.

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Business

Seen from the small business owner’s point of view, video marketing is incredibly valuable and lucrative.

Coming from a B2B background in which we sold complex physical products, videos were a lifesaver. A short video could convey in 30 seconds what might take 60 minutes in a written manual. In many cases, words fail completely. Beyond that, it’s a struggle to get people to read anything, especially a technical manual.

Not so with video.

Videos can explain and clarify complicated products and manufacturing processes. Conveying those same processes in words can be cumbersome, vague or even downright impossible.

Video can be used at every point in a sales funnel to clarify questions and answer objections, saving you or your sales team precious time. Videos let you sell more with less effort and personal involvement.

Video makes it possible to automate portions of, or in many cases, all of, your sales and customer support funnels.
Video FAQ’s save your support staff lots of time and frees them up for more productive work.

Video makes troubleshooting calls so much easier and can often eliminate the need for in-person repair calls. When a problem arises, customers can video the problem on their mobile phone and send it to your support team.

Until you try this yourself, you won’t believe how much time video communication can save in clarifying and solving customer problems.

Why Video Marketing is So Effective

When you engage your prospects longer and more frequently, you get more leads and close more sales. Customers want to see more video from brands, as the video marketing statistics below indicate.

When you give them the videos they want, they’ll stick around. Some examples of why video marketing works so well stem from this customer-centric fact.

Prospective customers get to know, like, and trust you better when you appear personally in some short video. It’s the next best thing to being there personally in a meeting or at a trade show.

Prospects see precisely how your product or process performs before they buy. It removes doubt and uncertainty.

Clients can refer to your FAQ’s with video to get instant answers for their problems.

The video marketing infographic below has many compelling statistics on video use in small business across all industry segments.

Video Marketing Statistics Infographic

If you’re on the fence about using video, these video stats about how brands use video content for marketing should change your mind.

If you’re already using video, this chart will give you plenty of new ways to use video marketing that you might not have thought about. Check it out below.

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video content for marketing, sales, and customer service - an infographic
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