Have you ever gotten lost? Was it because there was a lack of signage? Could it also be that you were overwhelmed by confusing directions?

As a business owner, you do not want this to happen to your customers. In fact, your main objective is to drive consumers into your business — not the other way around.

The Importance of Wayfinding Signage Systems – Don’t Ignore the Signs

This is where proper wayfinding systems come into play.

When you own and run a business, you want to attract people to your space. You want them to step inside your showroom, explore your boutique, stroll around your resort, or easily find their way around the different floors and hallways of your hotel. Effective signage and wayfinding systems can help you achieve this.

According to a FedEx Office Survey on American consumers, nearly 8 out of 10 (76%) of consumers went into a store or place of business they have never been in before because of its signs. The same survey found that 67% of the respondents had purchased a product or service simply because the sign caught their eye.

In another study conducted by the Economic Center by the University of Cincinnati, around 60% of businesses reported an average increase of roughly 10% when they changed or improved the visibility of their signage.

An Example of Wayfinding Design

example wayfinding signage
A hospital is good example that will highlight the benefit of investing in well-planned wayfinding design. Signs and wayfinding programs used in hospitals (like the image from DezignTechnic above), placed in a refined and highly developed way, do not only function as window dressings; in fact, these signs were created to facilitate efficiency during admittance procedures that improve end-user experience.

There is a strategic objective behind every creative signage that ultimately adds to enhancing the customer experience.

Find Your Way – Top 5 Benefits of Wayfinding Signage Design

When you want your business to find the path to success, considering the benefits of an integrated wayfinding system is a must. Aim to weave in the advantages of these cleverly constructed signs into your marketing strategy and reap the rewards accordingly.

Here are the top five benefits of adopting an effective wayfinding system for your business, which are sure to give you reason enough to invest in thoughtfully designed wayfinding signage for your business:

1. It builds brand equity

Smart business owners and marketers include wayfinding systems in their whole marketing strategy and brand-building efforts.

Building the brand includes making a conscious effort to get as much brand recognition from your consumers as possible. It includes above-the-line and below-the-line efforts to make sure that it will permeate the consciousness of your targeted audience.

Through a strategic branding process, wayfinding firms work closely with architects and interior designers to come up with wayfinding signs that put your brand out there at the same time and lead your customers to you.

2. It elevates your brand story

Aside from the brand name, logo, sales promotions, and marketing materials, signs can also be used as an effective visual marketing medium to consistently show a cohesive brand story. Every element should come together to project a unified front, telling a narrative that will draw in your desired audience.

Wayfinding signs, with the help of technology, strategic thinking, and creative execution, can be an effective way to let your brand’s image and voice rise above the din of a competitive market.

3. It creates a sense of space

Effective signs answer two simple questions: “Where am I?” and “How do I get there?” When your signage or wayfinding system efficiently answers these questions, then you have already hurdled a step in the customer’s decision-making journey.

Clear, concise, and creative signs allow customers to enjoy finding their way to you, relishing the moment they step onto your premises and explore the space on their own without getting bombarded by unnecessary or confusing signs.

4. It allows for an organic guest experience

You want to draw your customers in and let them experience your brand in the most innovative way. Today, it is all about user experience, and when you fail at their first contact point (finding their way to you), good luck trying to reel them in.

The objective is to create a wayfinding program that will give your end-user a seamless experience. If your building or business signs are all topsy-turvy, these can deter customers from stepping foot into your place or coming back.

5. It leads to positive return on investment

Signs work as 24/7 advertisements. With this in mind, you must take care and make sure that these signs flaunt a beautiful corporate image.

Customers with viscerally satisfying experiences with a space tend to go back and become repeat customers. It also triggers word-of-mouth advertising and brand loyalty. In turn, the more they come back, the more rewarding your return on investment will be.

Don’t Lose Your Way

When you are serious about making your business work, then you should also seriously consider including a strategic and creative wayfinding program into your business plans. It is a worthy investment that can lead more customers to you.

You need not worry about tackling the metrics and all other processes involved. There are innovative wayfinding design agencies that will map it out for you and ensure that everything is in its proper place.


Our guest author Zak Zakaria is an Art Director and Waymaker of DezignTechnic. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Creative Advertising from AUD American University in Dubai. He loves new ideas and has a creative mind. He is an expert in concept development, interactive advertising, brand development, graphic design and integrated marketing. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

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