Content marketing involves the sharing of information that brings value to the readers. The information that’s part of a content marketing strategy needs to be informative and entertaining and should be positioned to lead a particular outcome, which in this case, will be to change the behavior of the reader or inspire a purchase decision.

That being said, content marketing is not about forcing a sales pitch on every email address you get, but rather helping readers move towards the best course of action that can solve their problems. In this way, content marketing is a crucial component for attracting and retaining customers by the consistent creation of relevant and valuable content. Needless to say, this is an on-going process which is why it is usually integrated into a company’s overall marketing strategy.

How to Set Up a Content Marketing Drip Campaign

Content marketing is, without a doubt, a crucial component of any marketing strategy for 2019. But surprisingly, there are only a few small businesses that are executing their content marketing campaigns the right way and making an impact on their business. Emails are going to play a big part in the content marketing strategies of both large and small companies.

What Is a Drip Campaign?

A drip campaign, also known as email automation, is basically a list of emails that is pre-set to be released on specific timelines and to certain groups of a company’s customer base. This enables a business to be in touch with various groups within their target audience. Every time a drip email campaign is used, it comes from a set of emails that have already been written. This means you don’t need to write a new email manually every time you plan on using drip emails as part of your content marketing campaign.

What makes drip campaigns so effective is that the emails can be customized for specific user demographics based on their names, company names, or some other info. A drip campaign, when done correctly, enables businesses to communicate more effectively, segment their lists, and create highly personalized content. Using a three-part automated email series, brands can switch variables to see which ones are more effective in changing customer behaviors and leading to more conversions.

Drip Campaign Best Practices

As a business owner, your number one priority should be to convert prospects into paying customers. This is where drip campaigns can be useful. Such campaigns spread the word and help companies establish better relationships with their customers. The following are some best practices for creating successful drip campaigns that work.

Have a Clear Goal

To make sure that your drip campaign is successful, you can start by having a clear goal of the outcome. These drip campaign goals can involve educating prospects about your products or services selling more products, building a relationship with your customers, positioning yourself as an expert, or all the above. No matter what your goal is, you need to be clear about it from the get-go to ensure your drip campaign remains on the right path.

Offer Customers Value

For your drip campaign to be successful, you will have to make sure that every email offers value to the recipient. This is crucial since, with time, this will build trust between the company and the recipient of the emails. You will need to be meticulous with the content you decide to send to your email list.

Some of the ways in which you can add value to your email campaigns include sending links to relevant authority sites, blogs and webinars, whitepapers or disseminating information on upcoming events, trends, and surveys. These types of information are exactly what potential customers want while they are trying to decide whether to purchase your product or service. Creating and sending high-quality content can give your potential customers a nudge in the right direction, whether it involves buying your product or service or simply visiting your website to find out more about your brand.

Using Video Helps Get People Back to Your Website

Creating videos that work in conjunction with your drip campaign will increase the number of people back to your website. Create video content that explains your product or service and include these videos in your drip emails. Since video cannot be embedded into emails the users must click on the video thumbnail in your email. Direct them to your video on your website. DON’T send them to YouTube; you want to keep them in your funnel.

Each email in your drip campaign should include well written copy, a video, and a link to direct the user to read more on your website. If your potential client is clicking on your drip campaign this means they are looking for more info, so make sure they have more info as well as plenty of call-to-actions to purchase your product or service.

Personalize Every Email

Although drip campaigns are pre-set emails that are taken from a queue of emails, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to include the recipient’s name. Including names adds a personal touch to the email. Also, recipients are more likely to click on a drip email if it is from a sales representative or the owner of a business rather than the organization. This is because company-generated emails sound more like automated messages than a personal greeting.

To make sure you get your drip campaign efforts right the first time, you can choose from number of autoresponder software options that offer reliable deliverability, follow-up capabilities, email analytics, and much more. You may have to invest more time in putting together a drip campaign, but it leads to exceptional results in the long term.

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