Terms of Service – CareerBrand Videos™

Agreement between clients of CareerBrandVideos™ and www.SmallBusinessRainmaker.com, a property of Success Publishing and Marketing LLC

In addition to the Terms of Service for this website, the following additional terms also apply to CareerBrandVideos™ purchasers. Your purchase of CareerBrandVideos™ means that you understand, agree with and consent to the following:

•  You agree that your purchase is neither cancellable nor refundable.

•  You agree to send us your fully completed video submission form before we begin work on your videos. We can’t begin work with an incomplete video submission form.

•  Corrections – One set of corrections or edits to the text content of your 3 videos is included and will be made via email. If you require more than one set of corrections, changes and/or edits, an additional fee may be required depending on the scope of the work requested.

Changes to color themes and music tracks for the Essential and Premium Packages
Any changes to your color themes or music tracks after you have sent us your customization selections will incur an additional fee.

•  If you do not respond with corrections, changes and edits to your set of 3 videos within one week after they are delivered to you, they will be considered approved and finalized. For any changes to your videos after that time, an additional fee may be required.

•  You agree that any information you provide in your video submission form is truthful and accurate. If you are including any full names and/or other identifying information of people providing testimonials for you, you agree that you have their written permission to do so.

•  Intellectual Property Rights – All supporting proprietary materials included with your CareerBrandVideos™  purchase are licensed for your personal use only. You agree that you have no right to, and will not, use, reproduce, share or distribute any of the proprietary materials, ebooks, tools, techniques and methodologies you receive with your purchase. We will pursue legal remedies if our legal advisors believe our property rights have been violated.

•  Beyond the instructions in the ebook included with your CareerBrandVideos™ purchase, and the email support provided during the video creation process, no additional technical support is included after you receive your videos.

•  You agree that once your CareerBrandVideos™ are delivered to you, you are solely responsible for any damage to or loss of your videos due to any cause, such as computer failure, Internet issues, other catastrophic loss, etc.

•  You agree that the information you provide to our company in your submission form can safely and legally be used in your videos, and does not violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or any applicable laws of the United States or the state of New Jersey. You agree not to provide any sensitive or proprietary information that cannot be included in your videos.

•  Videos delivered to you become your property. The videos themselves can be used or edited in any way you see fit, except in any manner that might infringe upon the Intellectual Property Rights mentioned above.

•  All prices subject to change without notice.

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Effective as of Feb. 4, 2020
Updated April 29, 2024