If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a thousand pictures when it comes to revenue-boosting content for small businesses. Take a second to think about the business you run and the products you sell. Are they tangible, shippable goods, or do you provide a service? No matter what type of business you own, achieving the steady, reliable sales growth every business owner dreams of may depend on your ability to produce quality video content that boosts revenue.

Video Content vs. Other Content in Growing Revenue

Now, take your mind off your business for a moment and think about the last purchase you made. Was it an online purchase? If so, did you do any researching or shopping around before you clicked the Buy Now button? How much did you rely on visual content for your research, such as decent pictures or even video?

Personally, I don’t know many people who are willing to make an online purchase without first seeing the product from multiple angles or in context. Decent photos can go a long way in helping to show a potential customer the quality of your product but seeing the product in motion could help give your customers the confidence they need to actually make the purchase.

Video Content Statistics

Here are some statistics that show the power of video content for small business:

  • Potential customers remember at least 95% of the content they learn through videos.
  • 75% of viewers take positive action after viewing a brand’s video content.
  • 65% of impressions from Instagram ads come from videos.
  • Video marketers earn nearly 70% of their qualified leads through video.
  • Over 90% of businesses gain a new customer from posting a video on social media.

Statistics show that no matter what type of video content small businesses implement, the pros vastly outweigh the cons. Explainer videos, for example, may take longer to produce, but over 95% of people have watched one to learn more about a product or service.

Likewise, product demo videos can cost more money to produce, but nearly 75% of shoppers who watch product demo videos are more likely to buy the product.

Testimonial videos, behind-the-scenes videos, company culture videos, sales pitch videos, how-to videos, and webinars all provide hefty benefits to small businesses that implement them as well.

Types of Small Business Video Content that Boost Revenue

So, what type of video is right for your company? Since different types of videos have different marketing objectives, it’s important to find what fits for the best return on investment. Below are some types of marketing videos that perform well so you can decide what’s best for your unique marketing campaign.


Explainer videos, which are concise videos explaining a company’s objective, are the elevator pitch of videos. They often include simple animations alongside a clear message, with a call to action at the end. These can be especially helpful for businesses providing services that aren’t immediately clear.

Product Demo

If you have a product or service you want to demonstrate so you can highlight some of its best features, a product demo video may be the ticket for you. The goal of a product demo is to show potential buyers the value of a product instead of just telling them. It helps viewers see the ins and outs of a product so they can feel more confident about its purpose value before purchasing.


Testimonials are videos that feature real customer reviews of a product or service. These are customer reviews in video form, and considering 90% of people read reviews before making a purchase, these can help potential customers understand why your business and products are trustworthy enough to invest in.


Another type of video content that boosts revenue is behind-the-scenes video. These videos show potential buyers the ins and outs of how a company produces its products. This is a great way to invite customers into your process so they can see what your company is all about.

90% of customers say it’s important to see that a brand is truly authentic before they choose to support it. Offering these in-depth glimpses into your company can help with that. Something to be aware of here: These videos aren’t always evergreen. If your production processes are frequently changing, you’ll have to update your videos periodically to reflect changes within the company. However, working that into your videos will only build on your authenticity.

Company Culture

While behind-the-scenes videos give customers an inside look at production, company culture videos provide a glimpse of what daily life is like at your organization. These short videos are ideal for generating interest in your business through social media or email.

This also gives business owners the opportunity to share company values and feature employees who are passionate about working there.

Sales Pitch

According to breadnbeyond, “Sales pitch videos allow you to create a 1:1 conversation with your potential customers and explain to them the nature and benefits of your business. It creates a more compelling, human, and engaging sales process.”

This is an excellent opportunity to share anecdotes regarding your product. Try not to start with a hard-hitting pitch, but instead end with a powerful closing.


How-to videos are self-explanatory: They show potential buyers how to use your products or services successfully. The most important tip to remember about how-to videos is that they should be clear and concise so viewers will walk away with a good understanding of what you offer. You can also tailor your script to answer any frequently asked questions that arise.


Webinars are different than other types of video marketing in that they’re not strictly comprised of video. They can also include interviews, live Q&A sessions, or lectures. At 15-60 minutes a pop, they’re also longer than most other marketing video content.

However, webinars provide excellent opportunities to engage and educate customers more deeply. Adding video can be an engaging way to share your message without relying only on text.

Want to learn more about video content?

When it comes to small business video marketing, there are plenty of different avenues you can take to share your products and services and engage with potential customers.

Check out the infographic below, courtesy of our colleagues at breadnbeyond, for more details on how different types of video content can boost revenue and cause massive sales growth for your small business.


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