Have you ever thought about how you will market the business you just set up? Or how will you handle complex websites, constantly updating and optimizing the content regarding your business?

One solution to this problem is through WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that helps you to design and manage the content on your website.

Reasons Why WordPress is a Great DIY Web Platform for Small Businesses

This article offers detailed insight as to why you should handle marketing for your small business with a WordPress website.

WordPress is Free

What’s better than having the chance to market your business for free? Especially when it’s on a small scale, it’s very likely that you’ve already invested a lot and you’re dreading the thought of another cash outflow. With that in mind, using WordPress is similar to using a free pass to establish your business even further.

You get to design your own virtual store on WordPress, setting and organizing content with your preference and with no complexities since it is user friendly.

WordPress Is a Vast Community

WordPress is an online platform consisting of a large community that is widespread. It is used by more than 22% of the 10 million top websites such as Forbes, CNN, and Sony. It’s also known for its amazing support community, with a variety of skilled developers, innumerable active users, and online forums helping and guiding others, providing solutions to each other’s problems.

So choosing to market your business through WordPress is not only going to be cost effective but will help you reach a sea of people who are accessible and will provide you with customer diversity.

WordPress Consists of a Broad Variety of Plugins

Anyone who has been using WordPress for any purpose would vouch for the fact that WordPress is a storehouse for a variety of plugins.

Plugins are generally available to enhance the functionality of your website ranging from free to premium priced. Plugins like ‘Tawk.to live chat’ and ‘Facebook Messenger for Live Chat’ can help you connect with your customers in real time and guide them regarding their issues, thereby gaining customer and brand loyalty in the long run.

Plugins are easy to install and they can be thought of as small programs that deal with specific functions, they can also be used to post slideshows, podcasts and several different videos on your website. It’s just a few clicks here and there and you’re all set.

WordPress Has Several Themes Available

The first thing the viewers see on your website before accessing the content to read is the presentation of the website, how things are arranged and sorted.

With WordPress, this issue can be solved in an instant because there are themes that can be customized and the designs are responsive as well, which means that your site will look just fine on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Furthermore, the themes help to integrate the website into an interactive platform for both the customers and the business owner and that, too, is free.

WordPress is Easy to Use

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is user friendly and easy to use with no training at all. You don’t need to be a technical savant in order to set up and use the site. It helps the customers and the business owners use the site for their advantage and in a productive manner. It also helps to set up the website according to one’s own preferences and the niche they’re willing to serve.

WordPress is Secure and Reliable

With a business that has a potential to grow and spread further, one thing that nobody should compromise on is the security of the platform its running on. Even if a site is all fancy and productive yet it’s not secure, it’s unlikely to continue and flourish in the long run.

With WordPress you can keep your site up to date, which will keep hackers from misusing your site and compromising your security. It releases daily updates and security patches. You can also make your website secure by using several plugins and by taking basic precautionary measures.

WordPress is SEO Optimized

Websites that are developed by WordPress are SEO optimized by default, so it saves you the inconvenience of doing it all by yourself from scratch because it’s all ready-made and prepared to be used.

The structure followed is also supported by search engines. You can further install plugins to optimize your existing SEO to enhance your site.

Final Thoughts on Using WordPress in Your New Business

The bottom line is that creating a web presence can be difficult for a small business owner, especially with its demands on cost, time, and effort. That’s where WordPress comes into play, because it can be easily used to give a professional look to your business in a fast, cost-effective manner.

As an entrepreneur, your job is to make the right decision at the right time, and without a doubt, WordPress is one.


Asim Bawany is an E-commerce Manager at Codup. He accepts challenging strategies and puts amazing ideas on the table. He is an active community manager and also blogs at Codup Readers.

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