Restaurant Marketing System for Dine-In Restaurants

They literally laughed when I began to use this restaurant marketing system…but then they saw my restaurant filling up with happy customers every night.

Dear Fellow Restaurant Owner or Manager,

If you’re reading this you’re probably in the restaurant business and you might relate to my story…how I narrowly escaped financial devastation and turned my restaurant into the business I always dreamed of.

Over fifteen years ago I left the relative safety of a 26-year corporate job and went into the restaurant business. I was confident. After all I had a business degree and lots of good management experience.

And my partners were four experienced restaurant veterans, so it felt like a sure-fire way to avoid failure. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Pat Palko

I’m Pat Palko, founder of Portofino Italian Grill in Titusville, FL.

It was a surprisingly simple idea that saved me from financial devastation and got me back on track. Today I’m privileged to share this with other independent restaurant owners who might be struggling, who might not be living the life they had planned. It made all the difference for me and it can do the same for you.

Allow me to go back to the beginning…

As opening day approached in my new restaurant career, we found ourselves wondering whether anyone would come in if we just opened our doors. How do we get those first customers?

If we spent too much money on advertising we might get more business than we could handle. That’s just as bad as too few customers.

If we didn’t advertise at all, then nothing might happen.

Anxiety Grows

To add to the anxiety, none of us partners could agree on the best strategy to bring in customers. It’s not that anyone was right or wrong about their beliefs. We simply had a hard time getting five people to agree on a starting point.

In the end, we assigned people to walk around town handing out menus. Others stood on the side of the road with a sign, in uniform, hollering at people to come on in. It wasn’t very slick. Nor was it effective.

The anxiety meter was now on high. Even with all the partners kicking in their shares of investment money, we had already run out of cash and didn’t have enough money to operate. We desperately needed cash flow to pay our bills and business was sporadic at best.

On top of that problem, there were other unexpected issues. Community events often closed the streets in our downtown location. Instead of increasing business like we thought would happen, sales went down! It seemed like there was always something standing in our way, dragging us down.

The Biggest Mistake of My Life?

A touch of panic set in. I was losing sleep and it was taking an emotional toll on my non-existent home life. My comfortable corporate salary was gone and no money would come from the restaurant any time soon. My savings were gone.

There wasn’t even any refuge in sleep. The problems of the day ran through my head all night long as I tossed and turned in search of rest.

I felt like perhaps I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

The Key That Opened the Door to Restaurant Success

One day I was on the phone with my brother Andre, griping about all my problems. He had found a level of success in his rapidly growing business and he shared some marketing ideas with me.

To convince me to try them out, he offered me an incredible financial guarantee. In short, if I tried out his ideas and they didn’t work, he would reimburse everything I spent to implement them.

I went for it and started working a couple of simple ideas. The results were immediate!

Customers came in the door as if on command. We did a few successful promotions and I was excited to share the positive return on investment with my partners. In my mind, this was a no-brainer. Here was the answer to all the restaurant’s marketing problems.

One More Step to Freedom…After Being Laughed At

To my dismay, a couple partners literally laughed at my results like it was a fluke or some kind of temporary gimmick.

I was puzzled. Here I sat with a simple, inexpensive method that filled our restaurant day after day. And it made a profit that instantly gave us the cash flow we needed.

Some of them were simply resistant to change and wanted to continue with expensive, traditional restaurant marketing tactics that were failing or mediocre, at best. Others wanted to experiment with different media.

None of these methods had the return on investment that I could generate. And I had the hard numbers to back it up. My technique was kicking butt.

Ultimately, we had to agree to disagree. There was nothing left for me to do but leave the partnership.

By now, I was utterly convinced this rock-solid system would work. And at this point there was nothing left to lose. So, I decided to leap out into the abyss and open my own restaurant, just me and my wife as partners.

Opening Day and a New Future

Several months later I found myself on opening day at my new restaurant. Not only was all my money gone, I was drowning in a sea of debt, and my anxiety was full-blown. I had literally bet the ranch on me and this “crazy” marketing idea.

This time around, I did something different. I implemented my marketing system starting from day one.

In a few short weeks, we had lines out the door. People waited 30-45 minutes to be seated. And naturally, a crowd draws a crowd. My system was feeding on itself, spreading our reputation like wildfire.

Advertising sales people from all the local newspapers and magazines descended like locusts, thinking I had a huge budget. Vendors assumed the same thing.

The reality was I spent next to nothing on print and internet advertising, just enough to run a couple of tiny newspaper starter ads to get the ball rolling. Because we were busy, I now had the money to spend on newspaper advertising but I didn’t need to with the system I was using!

From Desperation to Local Sensation

Local restaurant owners dropped in to see what all the fuss was about as vendors spread the word. The smart ones asked my secret. One owner with whom I shared even took action and implemented my system. It wasn’t long before he too began to do maximum business—on demand.

Others speculated that I had spent tens of thousands of dollars on a restaurant consultant to make it all work. They were sure of it.

When I shared how I did it, they were surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of the direct-marketing tactics I was using. A few phone calls with my brother, some tweaking of ideas for the restaurant business, and we were off to the races.

No pricey marketing consultant.

No big fees.

Almost ZERO advertising.

A Simple Restaurant Marketing System Takes Us From Zero to Over $1 Million a Year

Our small family-owned restaurant went from zero at start-up to well over $1 million annually. Honestly, I never expected to get to that level. And I never expected to do it so quickly. Our accountant even commented that first year on how well we were doing for a new restaurant.

Even better, I did everything in-house with a personal computer and an old desktop printer. With this simple marketing system, today I can control, almost to the dollar, how much revenue I want to bring in on any given week. This keeps my staff busy, which in turn keeps them happy.

What It’s Like Today

I don’t have to scramble for payroll or taxes any more. Recently I put in new air conditioning which is keeping the folks in the kitchen happy!

It’s a pleasure to be able to pay for the things I need without having to borrow or scramble.

Today I get to do things I never, ever thought would happen. Last year I got to take my family to Ireland, our first international trip ever.

Travel to Ireland

A few years ago, I was able to buy the boat I wanted. And I have the time to get out and enjoy it with my wife, my kids, family, and friends.

Patrick Palko on boat

Today I get to ride my prize Harley Davidson motorcycle instead of wishing I had time to ride.

I get to go to the gym a few times a week and keep in shape.

Tonight, when I go to bed, I’ll actually get some restful sleep instead of lying there consumed by worry.

Today my retirement account is growing and I’m far ahead of where I was when I started. To me, this all borders on the miraculous.

I can pretty much pick the hours I want to work. In the beginning, yes, I had to work hard to get this place off the ground. You have to in any business.

But once I embraced this marketing system and fine-tuned it to keep my restaurant busy, I got back all the time I had been sacrificing for all those years.

Today, as an owner, I get to work ON my business all week long, which is much different and far more productive than having to work IN my business.

Not Just a Restaurant—It’s a Community Way of Life

Not only that, our restaurant is a place for the community to gather. We have regulars who look forward to seeing us every week.

A few even count on us every day. One man told us it was like we were his family. That is indeed a very special honor and a privilege.

Today at Portofino Italian Grill we have 33 employees who count on me to keep things going smoothly, day in, day out.

It’s humbling to know that my efforts to keep my restaurant busy can help so many others take care of their families. This is how we make a difference in the world…one business, one person, one family at a time.

How You Can Do the Same

It occurred to me that if these simple ideas can change my life to such a degree and give me the financial success I’ve always dreamed of, they can do the same for others.

This is why I got involved in creating Palko Brothers’ Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success™—A Step by Step Recipe That Keeps Your Restaurant Full and Gets You the Income You Want.

In our Secret Sauce Recipe, we share with you the lessons we learned from failure so you don’t have to fail.

We share our shortcuts to success so you can make your restaurant succeed faster than you thought possible. It will seem like a miracle to you to, but it really amounts to finding and doing the right things.

Why are we doing this?

A few reasons. Yes, we’ll make a few bucks doing this, but that’s not the “why” that drives us.

Frankly, there are easier ways to make a few bucks. Our Secret Sauce project took a LOT of time and energy to put together. In fact, my brother Andre has spent nearly a year putting the mechanics of the Secret Sauce together. (You can check out how it works in the video at the bottom of this page.)

My two brothers and I came from humble beginnings. No money, no college to start with, no silver spoon to give us an edge in life.

We hit the streets and each did our best to make our way in the world. Against some pretty heavy odds, all three of us found success in our own way.

I got my start working in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms during high school. Then I started on the machine shop floor at Dictaphone Corporation and worked my way up to Director of Supply Chain Management. Along the way I squeezed in a BS degree in Economics and Business Administration.

My brother Tim, the inspiration for me getting into the restaurant business, is partner in The Italian Grill since 1993, and co-founder of the new Italian Grill Pizza & Market in Vero Beach, FL. He’s also been a partner in 3 other successful restaurants.

Culinary Institute of America
Tim Palko making pizza

He’s a 1985 graduate of the world-famous Culinary Institute of America, and has been living and breathing restaurants for over 40 years.

He knows, intimately, what makes them tick.

My brother Andre, the oldest, was the first to work in a kitchen. He started washing dishes in a diner with a full-time summer job at 13 years old.

He went on to a career in the printing industry. After being downsized out of his job, he founded Technifold USA Inc., a small business that supplied the print finishing industry. In 2009 that company was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in North America.

Inc 5000 logo

Thanks to his writing, prolific blogging, and marketing efforts, Andre received the Marketing Plus™ Award for Cross-Channel and Digital Marketing from the National Association for Printing Leadership.

He managed to pick up a LOT about small business marketing on his journey to the Inc. 5000.

He also founded Success Publishing and Marketing and currently edits the weekly enewsletter, the Small Business Rainmaker. More recently, he and his partners in another venture won the Career Innovator Award from Career Directors International for introducing an outstanding new and innovative product for job seekers or career professionals.

He’s been featured in Forbes, Search Engine Watch, Business2Community, Content Marketing Institute, Social Champ, American Printer Magazine, the GreenSheet Biz, FSEA PostPress ENews, Printing’s Best Blogs, and The Binding Edge Magazine.

It was at this point our professional lives crossed when he shared his small business marketing ideas with me.
Today we feel that one of the most rewarding things we can do is help another person succeed in small business.

There is nothing so satisfying. It’s our way to make a difference in our communities and in the world. This is the kind of thing that gives real meaning to life. That’s what got the ball rolling on our Secret Sauce Recipe.

Together, the three of us have pulled together over 120 years of our collective business, marketing, operational, and personal experience. All to help you succeed without ANY wasted effort.

In the Palko Brother’s Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success™, you’ll get the following ingredients:

Video Overview Secret Sauce Restaurant Marketing System

✔️ An A-B-C implementation plan with templates that will fill your restaurant with the right customers at the right profit margins—every day.

✔️ 7 quick and easy-to-understand modules with videos and notes that take the mystery out of getting the income you want. (Get a sneak peek in the video below.)

✔️ The one critical idea that nearly all restaurant owners neglect that prevents them from earning thousands more from their regular customers.

✔️ How to use social media to get customers in the door within minutes.

✔️ The biggest mistake you can make with your restaurant advertising and how to fix it.

✔️ How to make your “seasonal” restaurant always be in season.

✔️ One number that will automatically cause wait-staff to sell more high-profit items, even if they don’t want to. They won’t be able to help it.

✔️ The true value of one customer—it’s not what you think.

✔️ 5 ways to multiply your profits without spending a dime.

✔️ Lessons learned from a zero-dollar day. (Yes, we had one of those.)

✔️ The one vital piece of customer information you must have to succeed. (Shockingly, most restaurant owners don’t give this a thought.)

✔️ Why treating all customers equally will cost you a shocking amount of money.

✔️ An ingenious (and totally free) way to find the exact customers you want for your restaurant from day one, with a mailing list that’s right at your fingertips.

✔️ Employee Handbook Template – Creating your own restaurant employee handbook is a giant headache. Here’s a comprehensive 20-page handbook you can modify and use to get started.

✔️ 65 Free Direct Mail Templates for Mailings and Promotions – Dozens of proven mailing and promotional templates you can use in your business. Just fill in your own business info and go. Why re-invent the wheel when you can use what has been proven to work—year after year?

✔️ 12 Videos—the meat and potatoes of the system which reveal how to pull in customers on a steady, reliable basis

✔️ 28 eBooks, Outlines, and Cheat Sheets containing 199 pages of how-to content. All of it written specifically to increase your restaurant sales and profitability.

✔️ 62 additional eye-catching images to use in your direct mail, online, and social media campaigns

✔️ How I routinely get $45,000 a month in additional sales without any advertising

Most importantly, this is a SIMPLE system you can implement starting today. Once it’s in place, it practically runs on autopilot.

There is no subscription involved either, so you won’t be paying for something every month for the rest of your life.

This is also not a rewards or loyalty program. In fact, if you already have such a program in place, this will help it run better and at higher profit margins.

Salesman and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes and the rest of us have to be other people.” Today you have an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We’re offering them up freely.

We invested a lot of time to distill what we learned into a product that can help restaurant owners, just like you, to avoid those same mistakes. What we put together gets you on the fast track to reliable, repeat revenues and higher profit margins.

I’m not going to lie to you and say you don’t have to do any work. You will. But as an owner you’re already accustomed to hard work. And everything we outline is simple and easy enough to be delegated.

The key is that with our Secret Sauce system, you’ll be doing the right work, and seeing the right results much sooner than you ever could with trial-and-error methods.

You won’t be losing tens of thousands of dollars and wasting years of your life trying to figure out what works.

You’re not doomed to repeat the history of failure endured by far too many restaurant owners.

You’ll be on the right path as soon as you get started. You can choose to do that right now and get started today.

A successful friend recently shared this eye-opening statistic with me…

According to the US Census Bureau and the Social Security Administration:

Out of every 100 people who start working at the age of 25, by the age of 65:

  • 1% Are considered wealthy
  • 4% Have adequate money saved for retirement
  • 3% Are still working
  • 63% Are dependent on Social Security, family, friends, or charity
  • 29% Are dead

That’s about 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.

In short, if you’re doing what everyone else is doing…the 95%…then that’s where you’re going to end up.

Granted, none of us has much choice about death! But we DO have a choice about where we end up financially.

It all starts with deciding to act in your own best interests.

If your restaurant is not making you the money you want, if you don’t have money saved for retirement, if you’re simply not living the life you imagined you’d be living, you can take action right now to change that.

The 5-Percenters, the successes, invest in their futures. They invest in programs that further their businesses.

If you know a successful, wealthy person, ask them if they’ve ever invested in professional and personal development, in continuing education. Ask them if they would invest in a completely risk-free program that could drastically improve their financial outlook.

I think you know the answer.

The Price We Paid to Develop the ‘Secret Sauce’ Restaurant Marketing System

Someone recently asked me, “how much did it cost to develop the Secret Sauce program?”

At first blush, I thought the answer was easy. “Well, Andre spent about a year constantly picking our brains and putting the nuts and bolts of the program together…so, a year of his time, that’s got to be a lot, let’s put a number on it.”

But the true answer goes much deeper than that. Sure, I could put a number to that year of development. Let’s conservatively say it was $150,000 to develop this marketing idea for restaurants.

But that’s not entirely accurate. It was everything else that preceded the past year…that’s the true development cost of what goes into your Secret Sauce. This is the true price we paid to get us to today:

➤ 15 years and $350,000 of trade show exhibiting, face-to-face selling, and uncovering what makes people come in the door and buy.

➤ 15 years and $247,500 in trade publication advertising expenses, running full-page, full-color ads that generated a steady stream of qualified leads for high-margin products.

➤ 14 years and $672,000 designing, printing, and mailing a customer newsletter and figuring out how to get it to pay for itself.

➤ 14 years and $150,000 in direct mail promotion, catalogs, and lead generation efforts.

➤ 5 years and $39,500 in a business success coaching program founded by marketing giants Dan Kennedy, Lee Milteer, and Bill Glazer

➤ 8 years and $27,000 invested in annual marketing conferences and seminars.

Sometimes these things worked. Sometimes they didn’t. So we know what works and we’re passing that along to you in our marketing system.

Not only that, we’ve had 12 years of repeated testing of this system in a real, 150-seat restaurant with 33 employees. Week in and week out, our process was repeated nearly 50 times a year for nearly 11 years.

That’s 550 times it put more people in our restaurant than we ever got through conventional newspaper, magazine, and yellow page ads, loyalty programs, or other marketing methods.

That’s 550 times it never failed us.

That’s 550 times it generated a positive return on investment.

Can you say the same about your marketing efforts?

When you add up these very real cash costs, we paid at least $1,486,000 to get to the point where we could develop our product, and that’s conservative.

The cost of experience and education is high indeed.

But the rewards can be better when you act on the lessons learned. The fact is that you can benefit today from our concentrated experience and collaborative effort. The Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success is designed specifically to help restaurants like yours succeed without wasted time, effort, or money.

⏺ Now, you could do nothing…and continue to wonder how many customers will fill your seats tonight.

⏺ You could wonder if you have enough staff on hand because you’re either busier than predicted or slower than predicted. Either way you lose because customers won’t be returning.

⏺ You could continue to work more hours than your family—or you—really wants.

⏺ You could keep feeling like that $2500 ad (whatever it cost, we know it was pricey) you placed this week in the local paper is money down the drain.

⏺ You could keep wondering how some of your competitors manage to stay busy every day they’re open.

⏺ You could keep wondering about this week’s payroll, and next week’s. Maybe you’re still covering last week’s payroll with credit cards and this week’s receipts, digging a hole you’re not sure you can escape from…

Or you could try the Palko Brothers’ Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success™, absolutely risk-free. You can move towards the life that you imagined for yourself when you first started your business. We assure you, it IS possible.

What Does it Cost?

One small business consultant suggested that for the value received by our clients, for the return they get, what we’re offering should be priced between $5,000 and $10,000.

Other small business marketing experts chimed in for the $3,000 to $7,000 range, saying that this is the kind of specialized information and guidance that can quickly turn a business around. They also reminded us of the high price we paid in experience, business expense and losses, and on-the-job education.

Yet we kept coming back to what’s really driving us—the idea that we can help lots of other small businesses succeed. The idea that we can make a real, positive difference in lives of so many families and communities.

The bottom line is we wanted to make this affordable for a much wider audience of restaurant owners. So, even though we’re confident we could get many thousands of dollars for the system, your investment in the Palko Brothers’ Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success is only $497.

Get instant access to the Secret Sauce

Or if you prefer, you can make 3 easy, monthly payments of only $210.

That’s only $1.36 a day over the course of one year.

That’s less than the price of one coffee a day to potentially get you tens of thousands of dollars of additional sales per month. Is it worth $1.36 a day to join the elite ranks of million-dollar plus restaurants?

$1.36 a day. That’s probably less than the food cost of one dinner in your restaurant. Would you risk one dinner per day to get hundreds more in return?

And its peanuts compared to the $1,486,000.00 dollars we invested the hard way in learning by doing.

It’s probably a fraction of the price you would pay for one ad in a local newspaper or magazine. And unlike us with our unique guarantee (below) those conventional media guys offer ZERO guarantees!

Consider this…using the technique in our Secret Sauce, Portofino Italian Grill generates over $45,000 in additional revenue per month, on top of our regular customers.

We average 500-700% Net Return on Investment each month. In other words, for every $1 spent, we get up to $7 back in net profit with this system.

There aren’t many business owners I know who would turn away from that kind of return.

Of course, your restaurant’s sales will differ, maybe more, maybe less. And we can’t guarantee specific results.

But we can guarantee that if you do nothing, then that’s what you’re going to get.

And no matter how you slice it, with this kind of revenue-generating capability, and with this kind of incredible ROI, it doesn’t take long at all to earn back your initial investment. In many cases it’s likely you can earn this back in one or two nights.

To make this easy for you to act right now, we’ve totally removed all the risk from your shoulders, and placed it squarely on ours.

Lee Iacocca famously said,

“If you want to know who builds them better, take a look at who guarantees them longer.”

Well then…check out THIS guarantee.

Our 3-Star Risk-Free Performance Guarantee

If, after putting the Secret Sauce Recipe to work in your restaurant, your colleagues and competitors don’t accuse you of giving away all your food to get lines out the door, or of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a high-priced restaurant consultant, we’ll give you a full, prompt, and courteous refund.

Success Publishing and Marketing, LLC BBB Business Review

1) Risk-Free, Unconditional 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If any time in the first three months you aren’t thrilled with your results and delighted with our simple system, we’ll promptly refund 100% of your money.

PLUS—you get to keep all the templates and bonuses you get with the Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success. (And they are substantial, as you’ll see below!)

No hassles, no hard feelings, no fine print, and no special conditions or weasel clauses. I hate that kind of stuff and I know you do too.

2) Risk-Free, One-Year 10X Money-Back Performance Guarantee

We have no desire to get money from you unless we give you far, far more in return. If after one year of using our Secret Sauce Recipe you feel it hasn’t returned to you at least 10 times your investment, we’ll give you a prompt, courteous, 100% refund. Simply send us copies of what you mailed and proof of mailings for at least 6 consecutive months. This is to show us you at least tried our system.

Frankly, if you do what we outline, and use the material we give you, it’s possible you’ll get many times your investment back in the first few weeks!

But we recognize it might take you a while to get started (although I don’t understand why you would wait.) Or you may have unexpected, pressing problems to contend with. Stuff happens. We know.

So—we give you LOTS of time to make this work. Nobody else I know of offers a guarantee like this for a marketing product.

3) Free Support Guarantee

If you have any questions after you purchase the course, email us and we’ll get back to you within one business day. We leave no question about the product, or how to use it, unanswered.

There’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask and there is never a fee.

Why such a bold guarantee? Isn’t it risky for us?

Yes indeed, the risk is all on my shoulders. We know our system works and we know you’ll succeed when you work it.

I know what it’s like to invest my hard-earned dollars in something. It can be a little nerve-wracking. We want you to feel confident and comfortable coming on board with our system. That’s why we created this awesome guarantee.

The bottom line is that we stand behind our program 100%.

I know that the Secret Sauce is worth ten times, or more, than what you’ll pay today. If after investing you don’t feel the same way, well, you’ve lost absolutely nothing. You get your entire investment promptly and courteously refunded. We’ll wish you nothing but the best.

A Word of Caution—This Isn’t for Everyone

The ONLY people I want investing in this program are those who plan to use it. If you’ve read this far, I suspect you’re serious about doing what you need to do to improve your revenues and profits.

However, if you fit one of the following profiles, then this probably isn’t for you.

1) If your restaurant has lousy food or terrible service, this will NOT fix it. Your product (meaning your food and your customer experience) MUST be good. It doesn’t have to be great, but it cannot be bad.


Because you’ll quickly get lines of people at your door with this system, but lousy food or terrible service will make them one-time customers. And just as quickly as you got the new customers, you’ll run out. Then you’ll blame it on the marketing system rather than on the real problem. The best marketing in the world can’t fix bad food or service.

Frankly, if you tell me you have a food or service problem, we won’t let you have this program…not until you fix your problem.

2) If you don’t have an open mind and aren’t willing to try new things, then this isn’t for you either. Or if you’re lazy about implementing new projects, don’t bother.

However, if you’re smart and lazy, (nothing wrong with that) you can delegate this to one of your staff. It’s that easy to do. Yet you must be open-minded enough to let it work as intended.

Get instant access to the Secret Sauce

P. S. It’s Tax Deductible

Your investment in the Palko Brothers’ Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success is a tax-deductible business expense.

Take charge of your life today when you take charge of your restaurant’s marketing.

• Quit worrying about filling your restaurant
• Quit worrying about bills
• Quit paying for conventional ads that don’t get you customers
• Quit resorting to price cutting
• Quit yellow page ads forever
• Quit paying for radio, tv, and cable ads

You can do all this and more when you invest in the Palko Brothers’ Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success.

This is NOT a “course” but rather a step-by-step implementation program. We give you everything you need to start getting a reliable, steady stream of customers to your restaurant, day after day. It will lay a financial foundation for you to do all the things you want to do in your business and personal life.

Your Investment Today…

One payment of $497 or if you prefer, 3 monthly payments of $210.

Whichever way you decide to invest, the risk is squarely on our shoulders with our 3-Star Guarantee.

Order the Secret Sauce now and we’ll see you on the inside.

Order Here

P.P.S. Here are just a few more restaurant marketing resources you get with your investment in the Secret Sauce.

Small Business Rainmaker newsletter

A complimentary subscription to the Small Business Rainmaker. This powerful weekly email series brings you real-world small business tips. Our expert contributors are hands-on owners from various industries who know how to make things happen.

You get a free copy of How to Fill Your Restaurant with High-Profit Clients. This short ebook hands you a high-powered technique for driving high-paying customers to your restaurant for special occasions.

It includes a free sample of one of the most successful restaurant direct mail promotions ever.

How to Fill Your Restaurant with High-Profit Clients - Book Cover

You get the jump on your competition. And believe me, your competitors will be trying this program and using it. Be the first in your area!

I mentioned that 28 ebooks and articles are included with the Secret Sauce. Here’s just a partial listing of those titles.

Free Media Opportunities for Your Restaurant
Idea Generator for Special Offers
33 MORE Promotional Ideas to Keep Your Restaurant Full
How to Create Your Customer Avatar + Worksheet
Tips and Templates to Grow with Email Marketing
Content Sources for Your Newsletter
Idea Generator for Newsletter Content
25 Ideas for Your Restaurant’s Facebook Posts
50 Local Online Business Directories
Facebook Power Posts
Top 9 Reasons to Do Restaurant Marketing on Facebook
10 Ways to Make More Money Using Your Menu
3 Ways to Profit from Non-Profit Opportunities
Restaurant Service and Waiter Training Tips
Improve Restaurant Dining Room Service (2 ebooks)
Waiter and Waitress Training
…and more.

Decide to become one of the 5-Percenters today.

Go ahead…let ’em all laugh as you take action with your small investment in the Palko Brothers’ Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success™.

The last laugh will be all yours when your competitors and vendors are all wondering how exactly you keep your restaurant full as if on command.

They wouldn’t understand. As Zig Zigler said, they’re the “other” people.

Get instant access to the Secret Sauce