Restaurant Marketing Resources and Promotional Ideas

Below are three restaurant marketing resources (2 of them free) designed to fill your restaurant with great customers and to help streamline daily operations.

Restaurant Marketing Mindmap

What Exactly Is a Mind Map?

It’s a cheat sheet that shows complicated or wide-ranging subject matter on a single page.

Mindmaps reduce an overwhelming number of items to a manageable, visual overview. They make distant connections visible at a glance.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by information, data, messages, advice, requests, complaints, email, and social media, a mind map can help.

It’s an incredibly simple yet effective tool that can instantly restore focus. It’s a common trick used by consultants in many industries to help them manage numerous intricate tasks in multiple businesses.

restaurant marketing mind map
7 Ways a Mind Map Can Help Your Restaurant’s Marketing and Operations

You can do the same in your business with this marketing mind map. We outline at least seven ways to use a mind map in your restaurant. Once you take a look at it, you’ll undoubtedly come up with even more!

Go here to Download this infographic for free, compliments of the Small Business Rainmaker.

How to Fill Your Restaurant with High-Profit Clients

Do you want a proven method to increase your average check and increase your profit margin?

How to Fill Your Restaurant with High-Profit Clients—Harness the Power of a Simple Direct Mail Technique contains tried and tested templates to fill your restaurant with high-profit clients.

This FREE download also includes case studies and tips that ensure your promotions will be successful.

You can revise and use the templates for ANY holiday or event at your restaurant.

Go here to instantly download this Free marketing resource.

How to Fill Your Restaurant with High-Profit Clients - Book Cover

237 Restaurant Marketing and Promotion Ideas That Work

This recently introduced book has at least 237 restaurant promotion and marketing ideas you can use in-house.

Many of them can be started the same day you download the book.
Here’s a brief sampling of what’s included:

14 ways to turn charitable donation requests into money-making ventures for you and the charity—without spending any cash or doing any advertising. [p 33]

An incredibly simple way to get taxi drivers to recommend you over every other restaurant in town. [p 73]

How to get people flocking to you after movies, the theater, or any other local event. (p 62) …and PLENTY more.

237 Restaurant Marketing and Promotion Ideas that Work

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