The Most Important Asset in Restaurant Marketing – Guessing Right Can Save Your Butt

What’s the most important asset in restaurant marketing? Do you know what it is?

And if you do, are you making the most of it?

Watch this short video in which I talk about one critical marketing concept neglected by far too many restaurant owners. And get instant access to 2 Free restaurant marketing gifts.

This video is an excerpt from our Palko Brothers’ Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success. It’s a simple, proven implementation plan for independent dine-in restaurant owners who want to be free of the struggle for reliable sales growth.

For more on the story behind the “Secret Sauce,” go here.

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mindmap and guide for restaurant marketing

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The Restaurant Marketing Mindmap makes use of a consultant’s trick for simplifying and managing a LOT of information. In it, we have more than 100 marketing tasks listed on one page so you can see it all with a single glance. It’s suitable for printing out as a poster.

How to Fill Your Restaurant with High-Profit Clients shows you how to use a simple direct mail trick to do just what the title says. The book includes free direct mail templates for restaurants which you can modify and use for your own marketing campaigns. No need to start from scratch.

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Here’s to Your Restaurant’s Success,
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