My clients are respected business leaders and experts who come to me because they know there are many people throughout the world who aren’t aware of their knowledge. They know that more exposure equals more clients, customers, and income. But there’s only so much reach a person can accomplish on their own. My clients know how valuable their life lessons would be to others. And exploding their business is one of their top priorities.

Busy leaders and executives want to accomplish many things, but there are only so many hours in the day. The question becomes one of how or what is the best way to share knowledge and experience with the world while increasing visibility.

The short answer is with a book.

But my clients are busy. Doesn’t the process of writing a book take months or even years? they wonder. Developing the kind of authority and knowledge my clients tend to have takes time—and we all know time is limited. They ask me where they could possibly find the time to write an entire book.

I explain that writing a book can take less than five months, as long as you outsource all or part of the book. When you outsource the creation of a book to professionals, the process is much more expedient. Plus, it’s easier and more affordable than most people think.

Reasons Why Writing a Book Can Grow Your Business

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why writing a book can help busy leaders and executives grow their business.


One of the primary reasons for authoring a book is to put a stake in the ground and establish yourself as the expert in your arena. A popular book can and will make your name synonymous with your industry or area of experience. Think of Deepak Chopra (health), Stephen King (horror), Mary Roach (science), or Michael Pollan (food/health).


Customers, CEOs, everyday readers, and business people around the WORLD will know who you are. With a book and an accompanying website, anyone wanting to know more about you and what it is you do will know exactly how to reach–and hire or buy from–you. Putting your book and your knowledge out into the world will automatically attract others to you.


It’s become a cliche, I know, but it’s true: a book is the new calling card for the company. Have a customer on the hook and trying to cinch the deal? Zip them a copy of your book. Once they hold your “business card” in their hands, see your smiling face on the front or back cover, and read your knowledge, your position of authority will immediately be elevated in their eyes.


The properly marketed book is a cash-generating asset. Yes, even one book can earn you a steady stream of what I like to refer to as “mailbox money”: it shows up straight into your bank account (mailbox) every month without you having to lift a finger. Not a bad idea for an extra income stream.


Top-ranked books provide many readers entrance into the author’s world. Every expert has an audience somewhere; the challenge is giving your audience an easy way to find you. Books are essentially long form content that make it easy for them. Particularly if your area of expertise is unique or unusual, your future customers and clients need to be able to think of your name when they think of your business.


Seeking to expand the ways you can earn money and promote your name and brand? Books open the door to paid speaking gigs. Are you heading toward semi-retirement? Books can pave the way to be a consultant or specialist in your area of expertise. Do you have specialized knowledge? Just imagine your group of aviation enthusiasts/global marketers/microchip engineers willing to pay to learn from you.


Family, heirs, and friends will know your robust history and accomplishments. Think of the audience for books of specialists who paved the way in their arena: Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Thatcher, Rosa Parks, Alfred Hitchcock, or Coco Chanel. Despite how their expertise has been expanded upon, their audiences will always want to know more about the progenitors.

As you see, a book is the ultimate business card. Nothing increases authority in the eyes of future and potential customers, employees, and strangers as much as being a published author, particularly a best-selling published author.

With that said, most books struggle to sell more than a few hundred copies. Putting forth anything less than your best effort will result in lackluster sales. Go big or go home! Establish yourself as the authority, gain credibility and visibility, and watch your customers come to you.

Alinka-Rutkowska200Alinka Rutkowska is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. As the founder and CEO of Leaders Press, she has launched all of its books to bestseller status, guaranteeing her author-entrepreneurs authority, visibility, and popularity with her A to Z ghostwriting and publishing solutions. You can find her on Twitter @AlinkaRutkowska.

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