Free Local SEO Audit – Local Search Rankings, Listings, Reviews & More

Find out where your local business stands in Google and other search engine rankings, local listings, reviews, website SEO (search engine optimization) and social media channels.

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Do you know much money is left on the table by not showing up when and where customers are looking for what you offer?

A single local search term can be worth tens of thousands of dollars per month…IF your company is showing up on page one of local search results.

But before a company can reclaim that traffic, they have to know their current situation. After all, they can’t follow a planned route unless they know the starting point.

This local search audit is the perfect place to start when it comes to local online competition.

You can download a complete overview of your Local SEO performance in minutes.

Our software automatically pulls detailed, current data to show precisely where your company stands in

  • local website optimization
  • search rankings
  • local business directories
  • reviews, including Google My Business (now called Google Business Profile)
  • all social media channels.

Plus, you’ll see what your competitors are doing and how they are handling social media.

Companies that strategically focus on local small business search soon find that they get more customers by simply showing up ahead of their competitors.

With the right information, you can get a fast lead over your competition without additional paid ads or other expensive outreach.

The Local SEO Report outlines strengths and weaknesses in all these areas. Instead of guessing what to do with your digital marketing, you’ll know exactly where to start to get the jump on your competition.

How to Get Your Local SEO Report

Type your business name in the search bar below and select it when it comes up. Then follow the prompts.

If your company name doesn’t show up, just let me know and I’ll take care of it. Just fill out the brief form here with your company info.

We offer a lot of valuable local SEO intelligence in this report, gathered from hundreds of sources. So please be patient as it takes up to 30 minutes or more to compile and complete your report.

What You Get in Your Customized Local SEO Report

Your customized report covers the following important search ranking factors.

local search results summary

Links & Website Authority

Here we check the primary SEO elements that affect the position of your company in search results. This includes links, number of pages indexed, linking domains, website authority and more.

local website authority

Rank Checker

This section outlines your website’s position (rank) in search results for important keywords. It also shows how you rank in local results on Google Maps and Bing Local.

local search ranking

Local Business Listings

Also known as local directories, business listings do two important things for local companies.

First, they indicate to Google and Bing your level of reliability, and the ease with which customers can find you. When you’re not listed on important directories, or your listing is inconsistent or incorrect, it signals some doubt about your company.

Secondly, local business listings can be a source of new customers, as long as the contact information is correct and consistent.

Our report tells which listings you have, which are missing, and which need correcting.

local business directories

Reviews and Ratings

This section of the report audits the review sites most important to your company. It includes the number of reviews on each site, along with the average score or rating and the ten most recent reviews.

Positive reviews are a key driver to closing more sales and driving traffic to your local business.

They also get you to rank much higher in search results and increase click-through rates from those searches.

reviews local search report

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

Here we look at the status of your Google My Business (Google Business Profile).

In it, we see how you stack up against the top ten businesses in your area. We compare the number of reviews for each, average ratings, business category, number of photos and verification status.

On-Site SEO

Here we look at more than 20 behind-the-scenes technical factors that affect your position in search engine results.

The report analyzes up to 200 pages from your site with detailed page-level data on each.

By addressing any issues, you or your webmaster can give your site a huge boost in rankings.

How to Get Help with Your SEO Report

If you want us to work with you on  your Local SEO Report, schedule a call with me here.