5 Key Steps for Creating Efficient and Powerful Business Processes – Free Report

Do you or your employees suffer any of these symptoms of business process management failure?

bullet-green15 Stress

bullet-green15 Chaos and repeated mistakes

bullet-green15 Missed deadlines and customer complaints

bullet-green15 Declining profits on what used to be profitable

bullet-green15 Working too many hours

bullet-green15 You repeatedly answer the same questions from customers and co-workers

bullet-green15 Frequent interruptions

If so, it’s a sure sign your small business processes are ailing. Worse, it means your business is leaking money at a steady rate. And the smallest of leaks can sink even the biggest of boats.

Small business process management can fix these leaks.

And yes, I know, the very phrase might be enough to make you sigh and roll your eyes, as you conjure images of indecipherable flow charts and lifeless statistics.

I used to feel that way in the early years of owning a small business.

Then I discovered the profitable power and simplicity of efficient processes. Allow me to explain.

Famous business management consultant W. Edwards Deming had some strong words for business owners who ignored processes:

If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.

Every business, no matter how large or small, has business processes to manage. Even a freelancer or solo entrepreneur needs established workflows to get everything done efficiently.

There are countless everyday tasks to be handled such as:

bullet-green15 submitting invoices

bullet-green15 writing blog posts

bullet-green15 answering customer queries via email, telephone or in person

bullet-green15 quoting prices

bullet-green15 providing a service

bullet-green15 building a product

Every task is a process, a mini workflow that takes the employee or customer from point A to B—whatever that happens to be.

When you experience the symptoms I mentioned above, your business is telling you it’s time to improve and streamline one or more processes. It’s telling you that precious resources in the form of time, labor, and money, are being wasted.

The result is that you’re earning far less than you should be. Customer service suffers, company culture gradually erodes, and stress levels rise.

Various studies show that while 96% of businesses have some documented processes in place (probably from the start-up phase), only 4% continue to measure and manage them.

As the business grows, inefficiency creeps in and money starts to leak away, in ever-greater amounts.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We show you how to get started in this Free report,

Streamline and Simplify Your Business: 5 Key Steps for Creating Efficient and Powerful Business Processes

In it we show you how to streamline business processes with 5 key steps that include:

  How to properly identify which business processes to simplify.

  What to do once you’ve identified the process you want to improve

  9 areas to examine in order to analyze a workflow

  6 points to consider for maximum efficiency in your re-designed process

  How to overcome employee resistance when testing new business processes

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