The main elements of cross-channel marketing include the coordinated use of multiple media to deliver brand messages to the consumer as well as provide multiple methods of purchase and customer service. It’s also referred to as omni-channel marketing or multi-channel marketing.

Essentials of a Cross Channel Marketing Strategy with a Campaign Example

The underlying concept is that your ideal customer might only see your message on the one or two channels they use, while another might use entirely different platforms. Each might also have different preferred methods of shopping.

By smartly focusing on all the channels where your target customers might be, you get your message to a bigger audience. It also ensures that their journey to becoming your client is smooth and fits into their needs, as does their customer experience afterwards.

The cross-channel marketing infographic from Salesforce gives a quick cross-channel walk-through of the essentials, including:

It illustrates two underused ways to find your audience online.
Your website and email list are ideal sources for getting the consumer information you need to conduct an effective omni-channel strategy. Here are two easy ways to leverage those platforms.

An example of a successful cross channel strategy and campaign that involved 3 major brands with multiple media including video, search results, and offline retail outlets. What’s interesting is that the campaign doesn’t directly name the brand in the introductory video.

4 ways to personalize cross-channel marketing campaigns.
If you’re not personalizing your current marketing tactics, you might want to start there. The fact is that for a cross channel strategy to work at its peak, you need personalization. You’ll also need the right cross-channel tools to help your effort.

Personalization is about more than simply inserting “Hi <firstname>” into your emails.
While that’s certainly good, a more advanced personalization strategy requires knowledge of your customers browsing habits, purchase history, email interaction, social media engagement, and store visits.

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key elements of cross channel marketing and example

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