Companies like Amazon, Google, and Tesla are using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their products and services. The AI-driven shift is also supporting countless other corporations worldwide. However, the benefits that come with AI technology aren’t only limited to the big brands and names in the industry. Even small businesses can use AI to increase their process management efficiency.

Ways That AI Can Help Small Businesses

AI technology has grown so widespread, it has become accessible even for private individuals through virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Owners of small businesses should not lag behind the AI revolution, and they should begin using it to their advantage. Here’s how AI can help them out.

Faster and More Accurate Analytics

AI is mostly integrated into handling repetitive tasks such as data collecting and analytics. Using certain tools online, business owners can easily study their growth and movement online. While AI isn’t capable of handling tasks that need human empathy, the technology can process data faster than any person can. That means it can provide analytics in record time.

Automated Customer Support

Customers hate being put on hold for several minutes when they are making a request or a query. Understandably, businesses will struggle to answer customers immediately as they have other matters to attend to.

If that’s a recurring problem for a small business, they could deploy an AI-controlled chat service for their website. These chatbots can immediately provide proper answers 24/7. This kind of automated customer support, even at a very basic level, greatly enhances the quality of service that a company can offer.

Better Efficiency

Thanks to the wonders of machine learning, AI can easily learn and understand how a certain task is done. It can then repeat this task on a fixed schedule.

Repetitive tasks such as inventory management and auditing can now be processed with the help of automation. Companies can use AI to become more efficient in the workplace.

As a matter of fact, 97.2% of organizations are investing in big data and AI. While the AI works on repetitive tasks, the human workforce can focus more on the complex, high-value matters at hand.

Narrow Down Applicants Faster

A lot of companies don’t know this, but AI can be used for HR work as well. AI is especially helpful for companies that wade through hundreds of applicants per day. Automation can be used to narrow down the applicants, so that companies are immediately directed to the most promising candidates available. There are also certain chatbots that can streamline the interview process. These provide applicants with a set of questions based on the criteria for the open position.

Small businesses are going to develop greatly with the help of AI. Unless they want to be left behind, they will need to act fast and dive into the AI-driven shift.

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