Successful entrepreneurs are relentless in their pursuit of productivity. Research shows that being selective about when we do certain tasks during the day can make us more productive. Yes, getting all those daily tasks on your calendar is a great first step in boosting your productivity. Yet the use of peak time scheduling slot can ensure that things get done.

For example, research from the American Physiological Society found that creativity levels are typically highest during and immediately after sleep. They recommend keeping a notepad handy for those elusive flashes of inspiration.

As with anything in business, your peak schedule is dependent on the results that YOU get. Certain things, such as your personal creativity levels, might be entirely different from what science finds is the average.

If your personal creative best is consistently late at night when others are winding down, by all means, use that to your advantage. Always be strategic in selecting new growth activities.

Some of the timings that affects your business productivity include:

  • The best time to send an important email to ensure it gets opened
  • The best time to eat breakfast and lunch (it matters)
  • The best time to start your workday
  • The best times for meetings (never?)
  • Best time for high-priority work
  • The best time for converting leads into qualified leads (it was not what I thought it should be!)
  • The best times for presentations
  • The best times to check in with your work colleagues
  • The best times for training sessions

Time is the one thing we can not get more of, no matter who we are. By adding a “peak time” element to your scheduling, you can squeeze far more value from each precious hour.

The Best Time of Day for Small Business Tasks and Productivity

This infographic from Headway Capital outlines many of these peak times for our daily business activities. Use this research as a guide to pick the best times that work for you and your business.

Sure, it’s a bit of work, and it can be difficult to establish a new personal development or business discipline. But the fact that it involves discipline means that many of your competitors won’t be doing it.

They’re missing out on a significant strategic management activity and that’s a significant advantage for you.

peak time scheduling for business

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