FAQs About CareerBrandVideos

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about video and video marketing in general, and about CareerBrandVideos™ specifically.

Reasons to Use Video

Why do I need video?

Very few people use videos for personal branding in job search, career or business. Those who DO use video will stand out in a very impressive and compelling way. Video does something plain text can’t do. Video will almost instantly improve your online visibility, which helps lead people to you when they search online for job candidates or business products and services.

I’m a job seeker. Why do I need video?

Video gives you a unique advantage that elevates you above your job-seeking competition. In addition, video dispels notions that you’re out of date with the new world of work, that you’re not social media savvy – especially if you’re over 50, job hunting and facing age discrimination.

Companies and recruiters routinely search online to source and assess candidates. CareerBrandVideos™, optimized with your name and area of expertise, will almost always appear at the top of search result pages for “your name”.

I’m a career professional. Why do I need video?

If you’re a career professional who is not job hunting, you still need to manage your career. It’s no secret that employers and hiring professionals typically prefer candidates who are employed. You need to stay top-of-mind with people to be in the running for potential opportunities. Video helps you stand out above your colleagues. It elevates you as a potential candidate.

Also, no job is entirely secure. You always want to position yourself favorably in advance of a job loss. If you are already known and trusted in your industry, finding that new job is that much easier. Video establishes credibility better than the written word alone.

I’m an entrepreneur/small business owner. Why do I need video?

Remember that people do business with people they feel they know and like. The more you are known, liked and trusted, the easier it is to get new clients/customers. Video does that for you in a way that plain text can not.

With video that vibrantly communicates your personal brand, potential clients/customers will get a better feel for your personality and how you work than with plain text.

Questions About CareerBrandVideos™

What are CareerBrandVideos™ and what are the benefits?

CareerBrandVideos™ are a set of 3 customized kinetic animation videos for personal or career branding. They focus on these 3 important branding components:

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Testimonials
  • Personality

But it’s more than just a set of videos. The power of CareerBrandVideos™ lies in the results they deliver. Our 3-part video creation system uses this formula:

Branding and differentiation (through our proprietary worksheet)
+ Customized SEO-friendly video
= Instant online visibility

What makes CareerBrandVideos™ worth the investment?

You may have seen DIY video making tools that cost less. Or you may be comfortable producing your own video and optimizing it for branding and SEO. We encourage you to do so! Bear in mind that with CareerBrandVideos™, we do the following 17 things for you. You’ll have to do these things yourself, if you go with DIY video or self-produced video:

1. Review your proprietary video submission form
2. Distill the best content from the form for each of the three videos
3. Edit text for each video
4. Re-format your head shot photos in various configurations for each of three videos
5. Remove photo backgrounds if needed
6. Retouch photos for sharpness, contrast and color when needed
7. Adjust video animations to work with your custom content
8. Adjust clip lengths
9. Adjust clip timings
10. Edit intros and outros
11. Adjust music track to fit
12. Create a colorful thumbnail image for you to use on social media
13. Provide SEO-optimized file name for each of your videos
14. Send you a video preview to proof for typos, errors or minor edits
15. Make necessary changes
16. Export video in high resolution format for social media and website use
17. Upload final video content to Dropbox for download

We are experts at working with video. Are you capable of doing these 17 things needed for top quality video?

Why are CareerBrandVideos™ better than talking-head videos?

They’re not better. They’re a different kind of video which complements all your other efforts. You can never pursue too many digital or offline channels to promote yourself and your brand. But many people are uncomfortable being on camera in talking-head videos, which makes the videos look unprofessional. You won’t be on camera with CareerBrandVideos™.

What is kinetic animation video? Why is it good for job search, career and business?

We chose to use kinetic animation video for CareerBrandVideos™ because we wanted to provide an option for people who don’t want to be on camera, and as a complement to well-produced talking head video.

Kinetic animation is a unique, attention-getting form of video motion in which typography, visual background and accent effects are put into motion. Various studies have shown that kinetic typography keeps viewers’ attention longer than other video types, especially for detailed topics.

How do I know what to put in my CareerBrandVideos™?

Our custom worksheet walks you through all the steps and helps you dig deep to provide the right information. Our simple process takes the best of your unique qualities and strengths, and distills them into content for your video.

What if I don’t have a personal brand or don’t know how to create one?

First, understand that we all have personal brands. You just need to look inward to define the things that make you uniquely “you”. Here’s the beauty part about CareerBrandVideo™: Our proprietary worksheet will help you dig deep and define your personal brand. That is, the things that make you unique and valuable to your target audience. And, our process guides you to provide us with the information that best describes your personal brand.

What if I don’t have testimonials to use in the testimonial video you provide?

Never fear. We can do a second subject matter expertise video in place of your testimonial. In fact, there is almost no limit to the number of videos we can create focusing on your expertise alone.

Will my videos look exactly like the samples you’ve shown?

With the Starter CareerBrandVideos™ package, the format is the same as the examples. However, the text-based content is unique to you alone and is derived from our proprietary personal branding worksheet.

As you’ll see in the image describing the 3 packages, the Essential and Premium CareerBrandVideos™ packages come with various additional customizations.

What kind of modifications can I make to the samples you’ve shown?

The Starter CareerBrandVideos™ package is as shown in the examples, and will contain custom content based on the information you provide us in the Submission Form.

If you’d like additional customizations of color themes and music tracks, see what’s included with the Essential and Premium CareerBrandVideos™ packages. For anything beyond those additional customizations, please use the Contact Us form to let us know what you’d like to include.

Can I change the colors on my videos?

The Starter CareerBrandVideos™ package doesn’t include color customization, but you’ll see color customization options in both the Essential and Premium CareerBrandVideos™ packages.

Can I add my own pictures or graphics to CareerBrandVideos™?

The Starter and Essential CareerBrandVideos™ packages don’t include image customization, but the Premium package does.

Can I get totally custom CareerBrandVideos™?

Yes, fully custom videos are available at an additional cost. First, take a look at the Essential and Premium CareerBrandVideos™ packages to see if the customizations you want are offered in one of them. Otherwise, use the Contact Us form to let us know what customizations you’d like and we’ll prepare an estimate for you.

What do I do with my CareerBrandVideos™?

The first step is to post your videos to your YouTube channel. And if you don’t have one, we show you how to quickly set one up in our Video Promotion and How-To Guide that comes with your set of videos.

Then you’ll use the videos on all your social media channels as well as your company or personal website and blog. Detailed instructions for this are also included in the Video Promotion and How-To Guide.

Where can I use CareerBrandVideos™?

Aside from YouTube, you can upload your videos to all relevant social media channels, and any site that allows you to upload videos. This includes your LinkedIn personal profile and company pages, Facebook personal profile and business pages, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

In addition, video can be used on your company website and blog. We have suggestions and instructions on where to use your videos in the Video Promotion and How-To Guide that comes with your set of videos.

How do you upload a video to YouTube/LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram?

There are two basic ways to use video on social media:

  1. Upload the video directly to the platform (called “native video”)
  2. Share a link to your video from wherever it’s hosted (typically YouTube)

We cover this in detail in our Video Promotion and How-To Guide that you get with your set of videos.

Do you upload the videos for me?

No, you’ll need to do that yourself. But we give you explicit directions in the Video Promotion and How-To Guide that you get with your videos. However, if you need help uploading, we can do that at an additional cost.

Do you have a payment plan?

While the cost of our video system is quite low, we occasionally offer a special payment plan. Get in touch with us here to find out if one is available today. The best way to have a payment plan is to charge it to your credit card and pay off as you like.

Do you have an affiliate program for CareerBrandVideos™?

Yes! We have a CareerBrandVideos™ Partner Program available. Go here for details and to apply.

About Video Branding and Video Marketing

What is video branding or video marketing?

Your personal or career brand is the combination of strengths, values, passions, attributes and other characteristics unique to you, that differentiate you from your competitors and others. There are many channels or methods to communicate your brand. Video is one of the most powerful, because it’s visual. People respond more readily to visual content than plain text.

Video marketing is promoting yourself (or a product) through video posted on various social media platforms. One of the rules of effective marketing is to create messaging that will resonate with your target audience. For job seekers, that’s your target employers. For career professionals, that’s the employers you may potentially be interested in working for. For entrepreneurs, that’s your target clients/customers. Our worksheet is built around creating messaging in your videos that will resonate with whomever is your target audience.

How does video branding work?

Videos give people a better sense of who you are than your resume alone, and brings your messaging to life. Video puts a face with a name and helps people know you. Using video is one more way to get people to know you and your personal brand, and like and trust you. And they’ll remember your message better too!

The other benefit of adding video to your digital portfolio is that it will improve your visibility online. YouTube is the second most popular site (only Google ranks higher). This means that if you upload a video with the right keywords, including your name, you are likely to show up higher in search results.

How important is video branding?

Businesses have embraced video for years because of its incredible effectiveness. Job seekers and other individuals, including many entrepreneurs, have not. This means that personal video branding is, hands down, the best way to stand out among your colleagues or competitors today.

How effective is video branding?

Video is currently one of the most effective digital channels to individuals and businesses. Reasons include:

  • Videos posted anywhere online rank higher in Google, LinkedIn and other search engines than plain content on a digital page
  • Videos are 10X more likely to be shared than other content
  • YouTube rankings boost Google search results
  • Video conversion rates are higher than other content
  • 76% of marketers say video increases sales
  • 72% of people would rather use video to learn about something than read about it