Examples of Customized Spokesperson Videos

Below are examples of the options available for customizing the Rainmaker spokesperson videos for local businesses.

Templates are a fast, effective way to get into professional quality video making without the costs of a fully custom video production.

We currently offer hundreds of spokesperson videos for local small businesses. You can review and search the selection of local business video templates here.

Options available for each customized template

Option 1
The basic customized template includes two lines of your contact information. You can order with or without music. Before you order one without music, check out the difference a music track makes in the samples below.

Option 2
Or if you prefer, order both versions to have on hand, one with music and one without.

Option 3
The other option with our templates is that we can drop in a custom background. This background can be a static photo or a video. For example, you could drop a photo (or a video) of your shop, office, manufacturing plant, or any other scene behind the spokesperson.

You can select the option you want when ordering.

Example 1 – Simple Contact Information with Music

Includes two lines of information at the end of the video clip. Most local businesses like to include their phone number and URL or email. Use whatever works best for your market. You’ll supply that info to us after you place your order.

Note: if a video isn’t loading, simply refresh the page and it should appear.

Example 2 – Simple Contact Information without Music

Use this is you don’t want a soundtrack with your clip, or if you want to add your own music after ordering.

Example 3 – Video Template with a Custom Background

A custom background uses the same video script and spokesperson as above, but with your photo or video edited into the background.

This first example is the basic green screen template we work with. Everything green gets replace with your visual, whether it’s a photo or video.

This is the green screen video above with a simple photo dropped into the background. Even though this is a static video, we’ve added a bit of movement to keep the video dynamic. We’ll do the same for yours.

This is the same green screen video above with a video dropped into the background.

Note: custom backgrounds aren’t available for all videos. The information page for each video will give details on availability.

Questions About the Customized Spokesperson Videos?

Be sure to review the FAQs for Video Templates.

If you have other questions or you’d like to do something a bit more involved, just use the Contact Us form to get in touch. We’ll reply as soon as possible.