Despite using video for years, I still feel like a kid unwrapping a present when I see the speed with which video gets results. It often happens in minutes. And during this global upheaval, as the world does business online and remotely, people are turning to video more than ever.

Yet prior to our world being turned upside down, video use was already being given priority by search engines and social media channels.

Why Video Marketing is So Important

Two quick real-world examples show the priority handling that video can get you and how that can immediately benefit you or your business.

Example of Personal Video Branding Shows Fast Results

I was recently trying to get some before and after screenshots for a new client who just received his customized set of 3 career branding videos. But when I searched his name, he was already at the top of Google with 2 of the 3 featured videos being his.

He had followed our simple instructions for uploading his videos to YouTube. As a result, his videos were indexed and ranked in minutes before I had a chance to get the “before” screenshot.

Example of Why Video Marketing for Brands is So Powerful

So I decided to duplicate the results with some of our own videos. In this case, it’s a new video branding product created in collaboration with Meg and Hannah Morgan. It’s called CareerBrandVideos™, a proprietary video system that gets you maximum online visibility and gets people to remember you for your unique abilities and talents.

The screenshot below shows search results using the search term “career brand video” before we posted our new personal video branding examples.

career brand video before

Next, I posted the three sample videos. As you can see in the screenshot below, within 3 minutes we had 3 results at the top of Google search results.

career brand video after

Keep in mind, the videos were posted to YouTube, which is a video search engine separate from Google. So not only were they appearing on YouTube, but Google had also immediately indexed them and prioritized them to show up on page one of Google search results.

Currently Google is the top search engine in the world. YouTube is the second. Between the two, if you can get indexed and ranked as in these examples, you are getting significant visibility.

In 3 days I checked the results again and the screenshot here shows that we had 8 related results on Google page 1.

career brand video after day 2

You simply can’t get such fast, effective results using only text-based blog posts. Text-based content, while still a fruitful endeavor, can take weeks or months to show up on page one, if ever. It requires patience and planning.

Admittedly, highly competitive business search terms might take a bit longer, even using video. But a strategic personal branding video uses a formula that is almost impossible to compete with – a search of “your name + your area of expertise.”

Even if you have a common name, by adding your area of expertise, or a keyword phrase for which you want to be known, you narrow the field in such a way that you can almost always get to page one with the use of video.

For instance, John Smith is a common name. A Google search generates 2.7 billion results. However, a search of that name combined with a keyword phrase such as “John Smith orthodontist nj” only generates 642,000 results. In the world of search engine optimization, (getting found online,) that’s a manageable universe to work with.

get found online with common name

Most importantly, you can see by the screenshot of Google page 1 (above) that no videos appear in these more refined search results.  In this case, even a “John Smith” could get first-page visibility with video using a relevant keyword attached to his name as you saw in the previous examples. Simply include “name + keyword phrase” in your video title and description.

Of course, search results fluctuate by the hour and day, especially in competitive business niches. Nevertheless, a smart, consistent use of personal branding video will give you an edge that’s hard to beat, especially for early adopters.

Video is Not Just for Marketing

Our colleagues at Biteable recently compiled some surprising statistics about video marketing by reaching out to small business owners and marketers.

In it they found that video is so effective that it’s being used in several other ways in addition to vital marketing efforts.

video marketing statistics

Image source: Biteable

  • 32% of businesses use video for sales.
  • 29% of businesses use video in their administration and operations messages.
  • 27% of businesses use video in their human resources messages.
  • 24% of businesses use video in their leadership messages.
  • 20% of businesses use video in their product management messages.
  • 19% of businesses use video in their customer support messages.
  • 10% of businesses use video in their finance department messages.

In short, video is an excellent small business growth tool.

If you want a chance to increase your online visibility, as well as your trust and credibility, and to do it almost instantly, video in general, and personal branding video in particular, should be part of your strategy.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, job seeker or career professional, personal video marketing works.

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