You probably spend hours creating your Twitter content. Then you storm through with your tweets. That’s your daily drill. Or, if you want things to be really good looking, maybe you get a designer to get the work done.

We do all this and spend so much on visual marketing because the concept is very popular these days.

But why is visual marketing so important when it comes to Twitter?

Here are some convincing facts to stir things up for you:

  • Humans can process images and visual content faster than text.
  • Content that has relevant visuals gathers about 94 percent more views.
  • Infographics are shared 3 times more on social media than on any other channel.

To that end, it’s important that you make use of visual content to make your tweets more engaging.

But how should you do it? Here are six ways to guarantee maximum views on your tweets.

6 Tips to Use Visual Content on Twitter to Build Engagement

1 – Create Attention-Grabbing Visual Posts

The more compelling and eye-catching your content is, the more likely people will notice your Twitter posts. The idea is to draw the attention of your audience with fresh content that they won’t see elsewhere.

Additionally, you need to create a voice and tone for your own brand.

2 – Use a Logo or Website Address on Your Images

This is a very small step that takes less than a minute to achieve, but it goes a long way in building your brand recognition.

If your audience does connect with the image, irrespective of the platform in which it is shared, they instantly know the image represents your brand. This also increases awareness, and others cannot use the same image due to copyright issues.

If you are not up for sharing your address with your visual content on Twitter, you can just create a unique brand logo or watermark. This will establish a uniform and consistent look and feel to your image.

3 – Use Shareable Images

Forget about your business for a moment and think about what you share the most on social media. Most of us would probably say memes, funny quotes, or motivational posters. Why do people share such content so rampantly?

Because it is easy to share such content. These types of visual content are very popular on Twitter and they get retweeted often.

Powered by this knowledge, think about what types of shareable content you can offer your audience. However, the content you create must be relevant to your business in some way.

Once you figure out the type of content that will garner attention, use original images or get inspiration from other people’s content.

4 – Use Both Images and Texts to Create Visual Content That Is Appealing and Informative

Since 2018, more than 84 percent of communications have become visual in nature. Thus, it is natural for visual content to garner so much attention on social media.

But visual content is more than just pretty pictures or funny quotes. It is a powerful means of communication. A way for you to say what your brand is all about.

To that end, you can combine the beautiful images that you will share with some informative text. Your text can be a question, a tip, a quote, or anything else. TripAdvisor is one company that uses this tactic of posting a question with images to attract their target audience.

5 – Be Creative with Your Visual Content

You do not have to be a designer or an artist to create catchy visual content. There are many visual content tools you can use to create beautiful visual content to be shared on various social media channels.

One of the best tools you can use to glam up your visual content is Canva. You do not need to start from scratch with Canva. There are templates to help you make awesome Twitter headers.

6 – Make Good Use of Infographics

Infographics are read 30 times more than text-based content. Though infographics take some time to create, they are worth the effort since they build engagement so well.

Infographics are so popular because they are basically a visual representation of data in a clear and concise manner, which makes it easy for viewers to understand. You can use such data visualization to share examples or to create how-to charts.

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