Nothing frustrates your customers more than calling your business for an urgent issue and waiting forever for someone to pick up. Busy helplines and overwhelmed call-in customer service is a common problem for many companies. A call answering service can get you improved customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and keep track of the calls that your business gets. It’s much better than training and maintaining an in-house team.

That’s why businesses often take help from professional call service providers to better manage their customer queries.

5 Examples of Improved Customer Service Through an Outsourced Call Service

Here are five businesses that got very positive results using live answering services for a better customer conversation.


For a non-profit health plan provider like MEDICA, being able to provide their customers with information in the right time defines their quality. When dealing with a health plan, customers are sure to have a lot of questions.

Between December 2016 and January 2017, a total of 25,000 calls were recorded by this organization. Dealing with this vast number was a problem for MEDICA. The average hold or waiting time was 24 minutes which in peak hours rose to one hour. This long queue duration resulted in customer dissatisfaction leading to negative feedback and frustration.

Facing a situation like this, MEDICA decided that they needed the support of a 24/7 live answering service. Now, their customers don’t have to wait for hours holding the phone. If there is a queue, customers automatically get into a call-back list and receive a call-back later. Reports show that in January 2018, they were able to handle 42,000 calls which ware 50% more than the previous year. Also compared to the last time, the hold was decreased by 60%. All these resulted in better customer satisfaction, improved service and more leads. (Source: Interactive Northwest, Inc.)

2. Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter is a leading manufacturer of bathroom utilities like tubs and shower. Their business is widespread throughout the United States and Canada ranging over 200 corporate and franchisee-owned branches.

Among all their consultations, 75% are made over phones. Television and online search results are responsible for generating such a huge percentage of calls. From those who make a call, 80% of people make an appointment.

Band Fitter took the help of a Call Service provider which was a right business decision as it brought them more calls and leads. Data analysis on how many people are coming from watching TV commercials and how many from online searches helped to understand customer expectations and market demand even better. Contextual call routing assures that customers are getting the right consultation, which in turn increases sales. (Source: DialogTech)

3. Community Care: Behavioral Health Organization

Community Care helps people by providing quality mental treatment and care they need. Serving half the counties in Pennsylvania, their customer call center service is open 24/7 with 47 agents working in shifts on 72 different lines. Working with patients with unstable mental conditions means Community Care must deal with them professionally and delicately. They needed a way to measure how they were performing in handling customer queries.

They took the help of a Call Service agency, and with their help, applied a post-survey product. When a customer finishes a call, they are redirected to a survey page where they can share their experience. This helped Community Care to point the potential customers to other services they provide. (Source: Interactive Northwest, Inc.)

4. Arizona Community Physicians

Founded in 1994, Arizona Community Physicians is responsible for providing comprehensive outpatient services. They aim to develop a caring relationship between patients, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and office staff.

They are responsible for receiving patient calls and providing them with prompt and accurate medical attention. In their business, every second counts and can save a person’s life. To manage these important calls and provide the patient with quality service, they solicited the help of telephone answering service. Working together with a call service they have been able to grow their company of four physicians to about 150 medical practitioners. (Source: Contact One)

5. Forte Holdings

Forte Holdings is a software development company that has been providing service since 1983. Their company is also responsible for technical support. Calls came in throughout the day, and in the case of a regional or national compliance issue, the number of calls increased to thousands for a couple of days.

Without any help, Forte Holdings was not able to handle such a massive number of calls. One way they could deal with it was to double staff and give each employee the proper training, which was still not an efficient way to deal with the situation. This led them to a partnership with a call service.

Working together, they were able to introduce appropriate call priority and routing. The new tools and information provided by the call service helped Forte Holdings handle the immense number of calls. Eventually they were able to increase customer satisfaction, and there was no need to hire any extra staff. Partnering with a telephone answering service helped Forte Holdings to improve their call handling capacity by 25%. (Source: BTI Communications)

Final Thoughts on Outsourced Call Services

Call services can play an essential role in your business, providing a better overall customer experience. Partnering with a call answering service can reduce overwhelming customer inquiries, streamline business processes, and ultimately increase profits and revenue for your company.


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