If you own or manage a commercial printing or quick copy business, or are a graphic designer, and you’d like to increase your sales and profit margin, then you’ll really be interested in this new printing sales technique.

I’m Andre, and I spent nearly 25 years working IN printing companies, and then another 15+ years as a vendor TO the industry as President of Technifold USA Inc.

I only bring that up because it’s my time and experience in printing (on the firing line in sales and behind the scenes in production) combined with lots of video creation experience, that sparked one of those exciting eureka moments.

Allow me to explain. (Or watch the video below if you prefer.)

I was an early adopter of video work in B2B marketing in the printing industry, creating lots of useful video content to help customers understand products and print finishing concepts. Video was, and continues to be, extremely valuable in lead generation and customer support roles.

Through the years I collected a lot of tools and apps to help with that sort of video creation.

Recently I was using a relatively new video app for a client’s marketing project when an unusual idea hit me.

Short, simple videos could easily be used to leverage sales growth in printing businesses and in graphic design companies.

Right off the top of my head I saw four ways to do this. And it’s as easy as posting to social media.

To my knowledge, nobody in printing is using video this way because up until now, it would have been too hard to implement. But I suspect that many small commercial printers and graphic designers will soon be adopting this unusual print sales technique.

The feeling is very similar to what I had when I started representing Technifold products about 17 years ago. It was a game-changing moment and I believe this type of video marketing can be, too.

I felt strongly that printers could benefit, so I secured commercial licensing rights to offer this new video app to other small businesses. Because the idea revolves around video, the best way to demonstrate is to show you via video.

That’s why I created this free recorded webinar specifically for printing companies and graphic designers:

4 Immediate Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Printing Business or Graphic Design Company – without Needing New Skills or Staff


In it I give you four ways to use video to get richer margins than you typically get putting ink or toner on paper.

And I know from my own past experience as a print shop manager how incredibly hard it is to maintain margins in printing. There is always fierce competition and shifting technology.

In this video+print marketing webinar, I’ll show you simple ways to instantly differentiate your business and improve your revenues and margins:

#1 – How to use video as a bonus or loss-leader to increase your sales closing ratio and get more new customers

#2 – How to use video to get more up-sells of your current print products and services

#3 – How to include video as part of your product offering and

#4 – How to offer video as a service that gives you high-margin, recurring monthly income

The best part is that you can do any of these, or all four of these, without needing any special video skills. It requires no new software, no special training, and no new personnel.

In fact, you can probably start with apps you already have on your computers.

Even better, you already have the customer graphics you need to put this into action.

Yet even if you have zero interest in using video, (and I believe that’s a mistake) you can still benefit from watching the webinar.

The four techniques I talk about here can instantly be applied to products and services you already offer.

However, I urge you to be open-minded about the topic of video in your printing or graphic design business.

Your customers are definitely using video, and using it to good effect. Hubspot found that 87% of businesses are using video in 2019 and 83% of them say it provides an excellent ROI.

As a graphics provider, you’re in a unique position to help them, so why not do it? They’re already a customer or prospect, so they’ll be receptive to what you have to say.

I’m really excited about what I’m going to show you…I think it can be a game-changer for a lot of small companies just like yours.

Based on the few hundred printer’s websites I looked at, I’ll wager that you have NOT thought about using video like this.

More Reasons to Watch

embracing video content in your small businessYour time is valuable…I get it. Although the webinar is less than an hour, I know your company will benefit far beyond the 59 minutes invested.

But just to sweeten the pot, when you join me on the webinar, you can also get three free marketing bonuses. No purchase is required, it’s just my “thank you for watching” gift.

1) Get a Free copy of Embracing Video Content in Your Small Business. It’s a simple how-to primer that will turn you into a video marketing pro in 30 days or less. Video marketing isn’t hard, but it IS important to follow certain steps in the right order.

2) Get a formatted transcript of this how-to webinar. Use it as reference to apply the marketing techniques we cover to other aspects of your business—even if you never plan to use video. I promise you’ll find value far in excess of the time spent on the webinar (less than an hour).

3) Get a Free 30-Day trial of the Rainmaker Video App.
As I mentioned, you do NOT need the video app to implement the 4 techniques I demonstrate. But if you decide you’d like to try it, (because it IS a unique app…you’ll see why in the webinar) you can use it for a full month at no cost. Simply enter the promo code PRINT at checkout.

So, get the scoop on your competition with these techniques and join me in this webinar today.

Click the button below. (Even though it’s a recorded webinar, time slots are limited, as are the number of viewers per session.)

I’ll see you there!

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Andre Palko is founder of the Small Business Rainmaker™ and its free weekly e-newsletter. He is dedicated to delivering award-winning marketing and content that helps business owners thrive in any economy.