If the whole concept of how to use mobile marketing is still a bit of mystery, these examples of how businesses are using this trending marketing strategy will clear things up. It will also dispel any doubts about the benefits of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is said to have started around 2003 when marketers began sending occasional 160-character Short Message Service (SMS) texts that contained offers. Today, 36 percent of the world owns a smartphone and more than 77% of US citizens own one. Mobile commerce accounts for about 30% of all US commerce.

Our infographic below, courtesy of Appgeeks, illustrates how popular businesses are implementing mobile strategy and includes some fascinating mobile statistics such as:

bullet-green159 types of mobile marketing available to small businesses.

bullet-green15The one mobile marketing technique that gets 9.6 times more users to make a purchase than conventional marketing.

bullet-green15Mobile marketing examples from campaigns by 18 brands including results. For example, Dunkin’ Donuts increased in-store traffic to Boston locations by 21% using one simple mobile campaign.

bullet-green15The percentage of purchases made using mobile. This one mobile marketing statistic alone will convince you to implement mobile.

bullet-green15The one area where desktop results still beat mobile.

18 Examples of How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing

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What’s your experience with mobile marketing? Is mobile a part of your digital marketing strategy?

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18 examples how businesses use mobile marketing

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